Best Made has emptied its White Street store

Best Made Company, the Boy-Scout-meets-MoMA-Design-Store founded by Peter Buchanan-Smith in 2009, has emptied its store at 36 White Street and has no plans now for reopening. I had gone looking to shop there online, and when the site was inactive, peeked in at the store. What a bummer. The store opened at 36 White as a pop-up in 2013 and stayed.

There was nothing I didn’t love in that place, and lucky for me I am still hoarding some Japanese hand towels and a Father’s Day commemorative bandana. (I also have an Arcade Bakery quinoa loaf in the freezer.)

But they are not completely done.

“While the world goes through this unprecedented turmoil, we’ve elected to quiet down and return to the workshop, where we find meaning in making,” the website says. “We remain committed to our values: steadfastness, curiosity, and optimism, the ultimate survival tools. Our site and stores are closed for the time being…Expect to hear from us in the fall, and in the meantime, have courage.”