Blood Manor draws big, often maskless, crowds

Ok, this is just ridiculous. While the rest of us wonder whether our kids will be able to attend school next week and local restaurants sweat whether their tables are 6 feet apart, or their propane heaters are in precisely the right location, the city is permitting Blood Manor to run a pop-up haunted house on Broadway, attracting hordes of the maskless. (Thanks to B. for the pics, taken on Saturday night.)

Now, of course these promoters are employing people like any other restaurant or retail operation, but the flouting of public health rules on the sidewalk is very hard to stomach. (I have spoken with the owner, and will have more on that this week. But for now know that things are very different inside the theater, meaning rules are clearly in place and strict.) Especially as we move into the winter months AND know that any moves to reopen (schools, restaurants, gyms, stores) could be unraveled with the next spike…

How can Blood Manor run a haunted house, but DanceBody can’t run a class? And City Winery can’t hold a concert? And Puffy’s can’t have folks at the bar?



  1. We walked by there on Saturday evening and it was a mess. We were actually nervous enough that was walked in different direction. Aside from the non-compliant mask wearers, there were tons of people on the sidewalk drinking and getting high. We seriously don’t even want to leave our apartment any more.

  2. I’m telling you and everyone here:


    They are in the safest precinct in the city (spare me “because of them”) thus don’t feel that they have to do any work. They’re content to hang ouy most blatantly on West Broadway between Lispernard and Canal which they’ve turned into their private parking lot including a patrol car literally acting as a gate backing up to let in cars or bikes which want to pass through. Ericsson Place is their other private parking lot.

    Look at them doing nothing to shut down the ILLEGAL NIGHTCLUB at 46 Lispernard.

    Look at them not stationing a patrol car right across from Patron Of The New on Franklin after a holdup and a holdup with gunfire a month apart.

    Where we’re they on this night to shut down Blood Manor? Nowhere. Cuz they are lazy do-nothings.

    Are they on the take? Certain NYDOH inspectors? Sure seems like it.

    How do we get in the ear of Governor Cuomo himself since DeBlasio, NYPD, and NYDOH are utterly useless?

    • one thing… i saw a police cruiser with flashing lights and two policemen parked outside patron a weekend ago while i walking down street. so that was 1 good. the rest, i know i know….

  3. Millenials have shown their true colors as the most selfish uncaring generation as they are the primary spreader of COVID 19 in NYC and many other places.

    Most of them won’t die from C19 so they don’t care if they give C19 to anyone.

    • Millennials?? Millennials are the ones working from home with kids. The youngest millennial in their 20s and the oldest is nearly 40. I think you are talking about Gen Z or Zoomers. We have to stop making everything the “millennials” fault.

      • Millenials are 20-40 years old (born 1980-2000) thus the people who go to Blood Manor and walk around maskless – thanks!

        • This lumping of people together to make sweeping generalizations about their likes, desires, character, etc., based on arbitrary birth dates is so tiresome.

          No generation is better or worse than another. Judge people specifically on their own merits and leave the lazy thinking behind.

          • Who says ok boomer and constantly practices ageism? Millenials.

            Who is the one generation of people reputable media outlets consustently report are out maskless and holding superspreader events? Millenials.

            Who are the biggest whiners about the pandemic? Millenials.

            Maybe wear a mask, social dustance, and deal with not going to a bar it restaurant for awhile. Maybe stop thinking the world doesn’t revolve around you, you’re not the only future, and acting like it with your illegal parties at 46 Lisperbard and big maskless crowds in and outside if Blood Manor.

            Let me know when 40+ people & people under 20 father in large numbers maskless. I’ll wait…forever.

            Spare me your bitching about how millenials get flack. They want the props but not the criticism.

          • I could not respond to your latest post directly, unfortunately. But something tells me this exercise is futile.

            Your first line complains about ageism, and the rest of your post is an exercise in it.

            Millennials are a huge group of diverse people with diverse thoughts and beliefs. (Like every generation.)

            You mention super spreader events, but make no mention of Sturgis, White House nomination events, and other large gatherings of older people who don’t take this seriously.

            Again, I am not blaming older people! Because I don’t engage in reductive, simplistic thinking.

            I’m barely a Millennial, but I interact with many, and I am very comfortable with how I and those close to me have behaved in this pandemic. You’ll notice I made no ad hominem attacks around a large swath of people based solely on their age. Judge the revelers at Blood Manor or 46L all you want … I’ll be right there with you! Just do it for the right reasons.

            Anyway, Millennials will hopefully be the generation responsible for evacuating Trump from office. Perhaps props are due then.

  4. what steps can we take? who can we call? what petition can we sign?

  5. I am putting a 311 complaint for social distancing/face covering violations. I encourage others to do the same.


  7. While we can report them to 311, that’s as worthless and the Mayor and the NYPD.

    They withdrew their application for a liquor license in March. Was it ever reinstated? Did they they get it? I’d think that, if liquor is on premises, the State Liquor Authority, which has been active in enforcement, would be worth reporting them to.

    Otherwise, who at the State issues the Cease and Desist notices, which is their first step?

    Or just send this to Cuomo for routing.

    Too bad we have no effective local government anymore.

  8. 311 sends things to the Mayor’s Office of Special Enforcement, where it can take 7-10 days.

    Nice timeline, in a pandemic!

  9. This is so crazy. A haunted house during a pandemic?!? Think about it, you’ll have enclosed spaces (poor ventilation), people in costumes (masks?), people screaming in fun and fear (exhaling oxygen, spitting saliva, etc.), people drinking (impaired judgement) therefore there’s the potential for this to be a Covid petri dish (super spreader location).

    Who made this decision and when are they getting fired?

  10. Someone wants a scary experience in Tribeca? just take a walk around the neighborhood at night and see all the “Night of the Living Transients” that have taken over the area. One person was stabbed a block away and another person was killed two blocks away. If that doesn’t scare you – no haunted house will even come close.

    • Violent crime happens so stop with the whataboutism ok? We’re talking about superspreader places and you’re back with your angry letter to the NY Post you should direct to NYPD. Those two crimes probably don’t happen if cops we’re walking the beat and I see NO REASON why First Precinct can’t have a patrol car at Church and Chambers and three beat cops walking those two streets and surrounding ones like Hudson.

      That murder took place at the JMZ train station right across from Police Plaza and City Hall not in TriBeCa where the western side if Broadway is the eastern boundry. That murder is on NYPD who should have at least two cops at that station from 4pm to 6am if not 24-7. Oh wait they’re too bust loafing around on Chambers between Broadway and Centre and in City Hall Park.

      They have a safe gig and want to keep it that way.

      • NYPDo Nothings:
        I think you’ve missed the point of my post . But your response helps clarify exactly what I was trying to say (see my earlier post – i posted twice).

        I have no idea what you are falsely accusing me of regarding the NY Post. you should get you facts straight.

        The real point of my post is the city is letting our neighborhood (I’ve been here 25+ years) go to hell in a hand-basket. Green lighting Blood Manor is part of my point.

        Don’t get angry to people who are on your side.

        • I’m not angry at you HH. It’s just we’re talking about a specific place & you’re saying what about crime in general which is getting off track. Your post before that (which I read) is most certainly on track. Let’s focus on Blood Manor & that other superspreader 46 Lispernard Street here in these comments. I apologize for the NY Post remark but I have to say we have an increasing amount of letters to the NY Post types around here always barking about deBlasio, liberals etc. & exaggerating the amount of crime around here (again not you just saying.) Like I always say we could cut down crime to an even smaller frequency if NYPD did their jobs instead of blaming deBlasio, liberals etc. too like they’re spectators who can’t do anything to fight or stop it like us civilians who can only call 911. That means walking the beat, patrolling the neighborhood & putting patrol cars in strategic spots like Church & Chambers, Greenwich & Chambers etc. They don’t & won’t do that. They want credit when crime is low or down but take no blame when crime is high or up. They tell you they checked out something, well BS or why is it still going on? They’re loafers, lazies, sloths. How the HELL did that slasher get away? How the HELL did that fatal stabbing happen RIGHT ACROSS FROM POLICE PLAZA & CITY HALL? How the HELL did Blood Manor get away with openly breaking the law without shutdown? Cuz of these NYPDo Nothing cops!

          I don’t know if I’d blame the city. I’d blame the SLA & CB1 for letting Blood Manor reopen for one then those two & NYPD for not shutting them down. As far as crime in the neighborhood, we’re still one of the safest precincts if not the safest precinct in the city. Problem with this neighborhood specifically is we have cops who know they have a plum assignment & want to keep it that way. One way to do that is not actually work. They could EASILY shut down Blood Manor on blocking the sidewalk alone & 46 Lispernard for blocking the street alone in one shot in one night but they won’t because they don’t want to work and/or they are on the take. If they could shut down a club for a brawl they can shut down a club for blatantly violating laws re: mask wearing, social distancing, and legal capacity.

  11. Here are concrete things you can do to shut down Blood Manor at 359 Broadway at Leonard the ILLEGAL NIGHTCLUB at 46 Lispernard, and any other superspreader businesses:

    1. Do not waste your time with 311 & NYPD because they will do nothing.

    2. Contact Councilwoman Margaret Chin, Assemblywoman Deborah Glick, State Senator Brian Kavanagh, Community Board 1, and the NYC Department of Health.

    3. Call 1.833.789.0470 to report a violation to an actual human being anonymously or not (your choice.)

    4. Email Governor Cuomo at his website and/or fax him at 518.474.1513. If you don’t have a fax machine use a self-service one at Fed Ex Office on Duane between Broadway and Church (I think it’s around $2 for a one page fax.)

    5. Send info with photographic proof to the dot coms for TriBeCa Trib, Downtown Express, NY1, AMNY & Gothamist.

    6. Call and/or email Blood Manor to tell them either start enforcing the rules or be reported. Save any nasty, smarmy, or otherwise uncivil replies.

    7. Keep taking photos of them & videotape them too.

    • these are great suggestions. i did all of this and also tweeted eventbrite who is selling tickets for them, to stop supporting events that violate CDC guildelines.

      • Anytime urban cowgirl (me tipping my hat to you ; )

        The more people who call that 833 number & fax that 518 number, email our elected officials the better.

        The more people complain the more likely we’ll shut down this stupid place, 46 Lispernard & anyone else who breaks the law like them.

    • Super helpful. Thank you.

    • The SLA sees the records from NYPD – NYPD will enforce the laws if they are breaking any…call the NCO or the Precinct, file a complaint and/or go to the Precinct Community meeting on 10/29 and say something…If you do not file a complaint and are willing to have your name associated with the complaint but prefer ranting on the internet then nothing changes.

  12. Hey NYPDo Nothings…

    Maybe the NYPD is hesitant to enforce the laws because people like you smear them and call them racist pigs? Look around – local leaders and democrat politicians have vilified them for doing their job. Go look at the riots, yes riots…not “peaceful protests.” You tell me why they should go above and beyond? Why, so jerks like you can scream to defund them? So you can call for their murder? So you can equate them to slave catchers? You and your ilk voted for this crap, now enjoy the benefits of your hysteria. What…did you think your rhetoric would come without consequences?

    • Hey CK….not sure how you know how things work in the United States of America, but as citizens we are allowed to call cops (and others who work for the state) racist pigs, nice guys, idiots, geniuses, heroes, etc, in other words WHATEVER WE WANT and they STILL have to do the job that we are paying them for. If they don’t want to do the job that they are paid for, they should not be working as cops. They do not get to strike against the public safety.

      • I know exactly how things work, I live here. But nice straw man. I didn’t say that citizens can’t criticize the police or other elected officials. Notice how I didn’t call for NYPDo to be arrested for saying those things? Maybe you should learn how the first amendment works, it requires state action. But to say your words don’t have consequences is hilarious.

        The mask ordinances really call for fines to levied, how do you know these people or Blood Manor weren’t fined? You don’t.
        What you want is for the NYPD to take further action (shut it down, arrest people…I presuem), beyond what they are required to do. Again, why, with the rhetoric that is being spewed would they do anything but the bare minimum required? So you can videotape them, take it out of context and them blame them as racists?

        Again, you have every right to continue to overheated rhetoric and to demand that they be defunded, just don’t be surprised when they do the bare minimum.

        As NY’ers flee, maybe you’ll learn to stop voting for one party rule and democratic policies once the tax base has gone too.

        • Let’s not make this specifically about the police or politics. Reality is I live across the street, I see these lines and masses of people out there every night, often drunk and screaming until past 1am, with never any social distancing, and I’ve never once seen anyone writing tickets or giving fines. More than anything, this is about common sense. Even if there were supposed to be distancing rules in place to make this establishment safe during a pandemic, they are clearly not being followed or enforced. Additionally, if people want to go there at their own risk and the city has determined that is something they are now OK with allowing people to decide, then other businesses that are hurting such as bars and exercise studios, should be allowed to reopen as well. Can you imagine being a business owner who has been closed since March, who actually has invested in various ways to try to make their establishments safe and seeing this allowed and you’ve been told you can’t reopen? Also, just generally, its pretty insane that this establishment was ever given a business license in the first place, and allowed to keep it in a pandemic, but it seems east of Broadway there are no rules. I have reported this to 311 and will try the other outlets posted as well. Hopefully others will do the same

          • “B” unfortunately this is a politics issue imo. The recent new norm of inaction is directly tied to the politics of the day. While bad cops of course need to be dealt with, when the public and local leaders bash all police, threaten them and egg them on to get a damning video, it creates the current hands off environment.

  13. If you go to the Blood Manor site you’ll see a calendar of events for which Eventbrite is selling tickets. Include that information when sending complaints, so they know this in intentional. And complain to EventBrite too, as someone above in this thread did.

  14. I have been to this establishment twice already this season because of how Covid compliant they are. Before trying to shut down a business that is being run properly maybe you should all fact check like I did by speaking with the owner to find out what precautions they are taking before I decided to purchase my tickets. Yes, the lines are long, but what you cannot see in the pic is that there are barricades between your group of people and everyone else’s for social distancing which is why the line extends up a couple of blocks. The staff comes up and down the aisle outside to make sure everyone is masked. Everyone gets temperature checked before they walk in. There is a new air filtration system inside along with hand sanitizing stations and the staff is triple masked. As far as a crowd being outside till 1am, it’s a bit of an exaggeration, I was the last group to go through on Saturday night and we were out at midnight, we waited to thank the staff, we were the only ones on the street. I’m just not for people hating on or creating problems and uproars not based on reality, enough already! This business is open and complying and obviously wanted by the public.

    • You are a liar, a shill, or an employee.

      That photo and what people witnessed in real time was blatant violation of COVID 19 rules. No face masks or social distancing.

      Blocking the sidewalk alone is illegal. Fire hazard too because how do patrons inside flee a potential fire with a crush of people on the sidewalk? Possible overcapacity issue too.

      Btw people esp. younger people can be asymptomatic thus a temperature check isn’t entirely indicative of who has it or not.

    • uh huh… sureeeeee

  15. Mask were mandatory I went inside and it was complete social distancing and mask worn!

  16. It’s been a total nightmare on Broadway near Leonard and Franklin over the previous weekends. How is Blood Manor legally allowed to have hoards of people blocking the entire street?! How are they allowed to put up large metal barricades on the street, especially in front of OTHER BUILDINGS?! They only have a tiny store frontage on Broadway, yet they managed to take up entire blocks. Besides the people in line, there are also tons of people hovering (and doing god knows what) near the barricades. The staff, in full creepy costumes, also heckle innocent passerbys and children.

  17. i wish there was a way to reply to posters more clearly on here.. sometimes you reply to the first person to comment but youll be listed under someone else replying to the first poster and it looks like youre commenting on the commenter.. thus making people on the same side look like theyre arguing with each other

    we need to keep our virtual bitchfests organized :)

  18. I submitted a 311 complaint here

    Not sure if there are other places to do so. I bet tweeting that photo to Gov Cuomo will get action. Im sure he would love to show up dB :)