Le Pain Quotidien to reopen next week

Phew. The Pain Quotidien on Warren and West Broadway will reopen on March 8. And 85 Broad re-opened on Monday. The location at 375 South End Ave. has remained open.

The regional manager told me there will be launching a new menu in April, but for now the menu is the same as this summer. Hopefully they will build out a more significant curbside setup…

The stores closed in December, and after all the machinations going on with the mother ship, I thought that might be it for the chain here. Glad I was wrong.

Also, let’s hope this is also the return of Moustapha, who, based on comments in the post above, is a fan favorite.


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  1. glad to hear it! le pain is the one place in my neighborhood that everyone in my family likes for casual dining. also, add us to the list of moustapha fans. can’t wait to go back!