Poke Green has closed permanently

Poke Green, which opened on Greenwich just south of Warren in 2017, has closed permanently. The local chain, which originally had three outposts, still has it’s location at 164 Pearl St.

Their menu followed the Chipotle method but with raw fish, in that you chose a base, then proteins, mix-ins, toppings, etc. (I was a big fan of the rolled ice cream, which was added to the menu a year or so after opening.)

Colin Cento, one of the co-founders, sent this note: “Unfortunately we could not come to an agreement with our landlord regarding reopening at an affordable rent so we had no choice but to permanently close. It is incredibly frustrating and not what we wanted.”

During the earlier part of the quarantine, he partnered with his seafood distributor at Wild Fish Direct to do a trial run of shipping sustainably caught seafood to people’s doors for at-home sushi kits. And he promised to keep me updated should this business model be ready for expansion.

“I actually reached out to many of our old Tribeca customers and they helped us by ordering and resulted in us selling out of our initial run,” Colin said. “Perhaps there could be a positive story out of this and we can still serve the community.”