Potential plans for 600-foot building at 267 Broadway

Since a story on YIMBY showed renderings for a 600+ foot building at 267 Broadway — across from City Hall Park between Chambers and Warren — I tried to get a hold of them myself. No luck, BUT the owner of the site seems to be the Roe Corporation and their website has lots of info and renderings on the site and what *could* be built there. (No plans are in motion yet — this is just an enticement for a potential developer.) Renderings for this site have been floating around for at least three years (thanks to G. for the deets).

I have a soft spot for that little deco building, and one of the renderings shows it preserved as the base of the tower. (It is not landmarked, but were it up to me it would be!) I am also amazed how big the building can be as-of-right — basically the height of the Woolworth at 652 feet, which on a 50-foot base makes it a real sliver. Roe says the allowable floor area is 131,000 square feet.

The Roe Corporation site notes that City Hall Park gives the building protected views of the East River. And this is how they pitch it: “The site has approximately 50 feet of frontage along Broadway and is expected to be redeveloped into a mixed-use 45-story building with a boutique hotel at the base and for sale residential condos above. The 109-room boutique hotel is expected to be affiliated with a nationally branded hotel company. The hotel component is expected to offer a lobby lounge, an outdoor garden, and guest registration on the lobby level; a three-meal food and beverage outlet on the 2nd floor, guestrooms located on the 3rd through 14th floors, as well as the 16th and 17th floors; and an amenity level located on the 15th floor featuring a gym, a spa, and an outdoor terrace. The amenity space will benefit hotel guests and residents. The residential component will be located on the 19th through 45th floors. All of the units will have private outdoor space in the form of a terrace or balcony. In total, the proposed development will contain ±153,720 square feet of above grade gross building area.”



  1. I’m pretty sure their plans are stalled. It’s my understanding Roe has been trying to sell the property along with their development plans for a couple years now.

  2. Wow, all those apartments at 270 Broadway will lose their south facing windows. Beware of lot lines!

  3. This much better than the Gene Kaufman garbage YIMBY posted about. Not sure where all the 250 Water Street NIMBYS are when you need em.

  4. Roe had an option to buy the air rights at 261 Broadway, which expired after a number of years.

    I doubt that anything is going on there currently.

  5. I too have a soft spot for that little deco building.Someone starts with a pencil building and suddenly they are everywhere. I hate when developers do this with no respect for what is already there. They do it like a fad here there anywhere. STOP

  6. My two cents.

    600+ ft is too much.

    And… If you save the building facade and build on to it something that tall and modern, it looks ridiculous and forced (see 531?? Greenwich/Greenwich and vandam).

    Hoping the project stays dormant.

  7. No regard to people that are already there, that’s the story of developers. Meanwhile all the empty buildings and store fronts.