In the News: 1 Harrison owner sues tenant

The Post reports that the owner of 1 Harrison, where a series of illegal parties have resulted in busts from the sheriff’s office at least twice, has sued his/her tenant for damages and for violating all sorts of laws by charging to hold parties with dozens of intoxicated minors.

Tenants Kurt David and Jean Elbaum-David were charged in Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday. The Daily News reported that their lease was up in January, but they refused to vacate.

According to city records, the building is owned by Eisdorfer 60 LLC, which purchased the property in 2013 for $5.75 million.

“The Landlord has been trying to stop the tenant(s) from holding these dangerous and illegal events for months,” Melissa S. Levin, the lawyer for the landlords, told The Post. “We are hopeful that our recent filing with the Supreme Court will help our efforts to end the tenant’s disruptive behavior once and for all.”



  1. Court: New York Supreme Court
    Index Number: 0152891/2021
    Case Name: EISDORFER 60 LLC vs. DAVID, KURT

  2. “Owner of Tribeca apartment-turned-nightclub can lock out tenant: judge”


    “A tenant accused of turning a Tribeca apartment into a rowdy night club has finally moved out, it was revealed at a Manhattan court hearing Wednesday.

    “Kurt David — whose landlord accused him of holding crowded, mask-free parties during the COVID-19 pandemic — finally moved out of his digs at 81 Hudson St. after the owners sued him in March over the disruptive ragers.

    ” ‘The good news for plaintiff is that Mr. David did vacate the premises last week,’ Melissa Levin, a lawyer for owner Eisdorfer 60 LLC said during a Manhattan Supreme Court video hearing. ‘So he’s now out of there.’ […]’