The Wooly Public seems to be closed permanently

While I was never able to get any confirmation on this, having tried several times in the last months, it seems the Wooly Public, the retro bar on the south side of the Woolworth Building, is closed permanently. And I imagine the same thing goes for its hidden version, The Wooly. The website says only this: “In 2020 The Wooly launched a new initiative to innovate off-premise dining and drinking (a fancy term for delivery, take-out, catering and more). Stay tuned for the next chapter of Wooly wonder.”

This leaves the south corner of the building empty, with Starbucks and Papyrus also closed. Five & Dime is open on the north side, as is the T-Mobile store on the corner at Park Place.

The Wooly Public opened in 2017, morphing from the Woolworth Tower Kitchen restaurant that was in the same space and taking its name from the private bar.




  1. Wow.. this is sad.. i did enjoy their outdoor option during 2020, and was wondering if they closed for good. They had some good bar food options.

  2. Does anyone know if Parm in battery park is closed for good now as well? Its the only restaurant yet to reopen in north battery park.

  3. That’s terrible news, I loved this place. Wooly Public secretly had one of the best burgers in the entire neighborhood. This spot will sorely be missed if it is indeed closed for good.