The Tin Building food market is on its way

CB1 approved the liquor license(s) for the Tin Building’s giant food market from Jean-Georges Vongerichten last week, a project that has been in the works for years. The multi-cultural Eataly — all 53,000 square feet of it — will spread out across the ground floor and the second floor. The indoor capacity is 1189. Outdoors is 150. It’s scheduled to open in early 2022.

You name it, they are serving it — from egg sandwiches to sushi to tacos. You can kind of get the idea from the sketch above. The upstairs will have a full-service Chinese restaurant, private dining, an exhibition kitchen and a grocery/retail section. The third floor is a commissary kitchen not open to the public. They plan to open the windows from 6a to 11p, May to October, and there will be occasional live music.

There will be six bars inside plus one outside on what they are calling the South Plaza — the space between the building and South Street. On the second floor, there’s a craft beer bar, Asian bar (??) and cocktail bar; downstairs there are two more.

Here’s a partial list of the booths — I didn’t catch them all:
seafood counter
sushi experience
candy area
ice cream shop
sandwich and salad counter
crepe counter

The Licensing Committee’s only complaint? No fried chicken.



  1. How is this Tribeca? This is no where near it…I’m more interested in what’s happening to our community

  2. Any ideas on completion date ?
    And seriously – it may not be Tribeca but it’s close enough and something nice (for once !).

  3. Awesome! It’s the 96 South Street building in turquoise right? Thanks for sharing

  4. Thanks for sharing! this is a great addition to our neighborhood , ignore the haters, they clearly dont have anything else to do but complain… covid time has taught some nothing!

  5. any update on the finish of this.