In the News: Rolling in Ring Dings

MarketWatch has a sweet (get it??) feature on Duane Park Patisserie, including the news that Madeline Lanciani just got an order of 6000 Ring Dings from Citibank. “At the end of the year,” she told MarketWatch, “my business is off, I’d say, only 45%. Only. I consider that a triumph. Sixty percent was gone. So I crawled my way back by pivoting and diversifying our product line. I started offering savories because so many other places were closed. We really ramped up our mail-order business with the Ring Dings.”

The Trib has a story on a plan from The Battery Conservancy to use Pier A for the State of Liberty entry process — and therefore eliminate the giant white tent on the bulkhead just west of Castle Clinton. Sounds like a great plan to me. Maybe then the huge maze of cattle stalls could be on that plaza in front of the pier, rather than in the park. Of course the current tenant at Pier A — which has been closed since the pandemic started — would have to be somehow relieved of their lease AND the landlord — Battery Park City Authority — would have to see how they then make money there…

Eater just published a list of the best affordable restaurants in Soho, which may come in handy this summer. It includes some old stalwarts (Balthazar, Lupe’s, Omen Azen) but also two that have been on my list: King and Flippers (the Japanese pancakes).

Crains reports that Starbucks will be closing some outlets, likely in denser commercial districts (Midtown, Fidi) but didn’t say which ones — and I guess Starbucks is known for not announcing closures. Part of the plan is to open smaller, pickup-only shops in their place. I emailed the mother ship; will see if anything comes of it.




  1. Interested to try Soho diner, although also not diner-cheap. They do have quite a few vegan options at least.

    I would not call Balthazar “affordable” by any means, though! Well, nothing vegan there anyway so I would stay away even if it were within my budget. Beautiful place, of course.

    • Soho Diner is great — solid food, just the right amount of inventive on the diner fare, not precious. It’s also gorgeous inside.

      • Thank you, TC (and thank you for running this great site!).
        I do love having a 24-hour option in the neighborhood, even though I’m not as much of a night-owl as I once was… maybe I will become one again when nightlife returns, and this could be a great destination for those late-night meals.

  2. Sweet feature on the ring dings. That is a huge batch. Exciting. I made many visits there around Mother’s Day. They make delectable mini shortcakes; lemon blueberry and lemon raspberry. And, gelato is always a treat. Outdoor bench and setup is inviting and lovely.

  3. Pier A was a great place to grab drinks, sit and be on the water; it will be disappointing to have the entire area and all of the waterside access and seating completely closed off for the security lines. Yes it would be better to have the barriers for the line moved but they are not going away…just moved and the tent – probably smaller but something like it will still remain.

  4. I agree with TK, Pier A is a gorgeous, relaxing spot with outstanding water views, one of my favorite places to unwind. I was really looking forward to the reopening of the restaurant and the plans to make it a busy tourist hub make me sad.