Y7 Studio has closed permanently, joining four others

Y7, the yoga studio at 57 Leonard, has closed permanently. An email to the Tribeca outlet of the chain came back with this reply: “We have made the very tough decision to permanently close Y7 Tribeca” and that the inbox would be disabled as of Sept. 1. The studio still has five locations in the city, including one on East Houston. (They also have one in Chicago and one in LA.)

The studio opened here in February 2018, the chain’s ninth location. At that time they were planning locations at Meatpacking and Bryant Park, though I am not sure if those came to be. For the curious, the Y is for yoga and the 7 is for the seven chakras.

In July 2019, when the stretching studio OuterReach was just about to open on Greenwich, I counted 14 yoga studios; five have closed permanently and many are still only giving online classes.

Yoga Shanti, Lyons Den, Reform Club, Kula Yoga also closed, along with QuickCryo, Outer Reach, The Wat, Xtend Tribeca, Exceed Physical Culture, and Tribeca Health & Fitness.

The studios listed below with hyperlinks are open for in-person classes. 
Core Power Yoga
Jill Everett Yoga and Pilates
Kula Yoga Project
Lyons Den Power Yoga
Reform Club Movement Studio
Sky Ting Yoga
Vera Yoga (Sweat Yoga)
Y7 Studio Tribeca
Yoga in Tribeca
Yoga & Pilates in Tribeca
Yoga Shanti
Yoga Spark
Yoga Vida

And a couple other studios I know are open:
SLT Tribeca
Real Pilates
Club Pilates



  1. Sad to here another one has left.

  2. Open for business on Chambers in person and on Zoom offering more than just Yoga with extensive Gyrotonic equipment and a great instructor: https://www.nucleusstrength.com/about