New Kid on the Block: Y7 Studio

The quickly growing Y7 Studio yoga chain’s ninth studio—and first on the ground floor—is on Leonard Street, in what used to the City Kids Foundation’s office. Totally redone in signature tones of black, white and gray, the space has three main areas. At the front is a check-in desk and retail area. (As you can see above, every studio launches with site-specific merchandise.) Further in, you’ll find a bank of lockers, three changing rooms, three showers, two restrooms, a “refresh bar,” and a photo booth in the non-functioning freight elevator, where you can snap a selfie in front of a Y7 backdrop. In the rear is the studio proper, which has room for 32 mats.

Y7 Studio offers two types of classes: We Flow Hard Vinyasa, involving three flows—one slow, one faster, one when you do whatever you want—that each get done three times; and We Flow Hard Slow Burn, which is slower and fully guided. All classes take place in a dark studio lit with candles and heated to around 90 degrees, with a hip-hop soundtrack.

The company’s tenth and eleventh locations—Meatpacking District and Bryant Park—should open in the next two months. And if you were wondering, the Y is for yoga, and the 7 is for the seven chakras.

Y7 Studio is at 57 Leonard (between Church and W. Broadway);

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