The Redcoats are coming.

The Brits that are charged with installing (UK resident) Anish Kapoor’s bean sculpture at 56 Leonard are in town and getting things done as of this morning. (Thanks to D. for the tip and J. for the early morning pics!)

The crew finally agreed to quarantine for 14 days in Mexico in order to enter the US, which doesn’t sound all that bad to me.

Last we left off on this saga, all the pieces were delivered and in the neighborhood, but then the pandemic hit and the team — all from England — couldn’t get back here to do the work. They had some American partners prepping things, but clearly not enough.

Weather permitting, the work should take about 10 weeks to complete.



  1. When you’ve got money to burn

  2. I am psyched for this! Been waiting for years. It’s nice that this piece will be present and live in the the new “Tribeca arts district”.