There is more street construction coming

After I did my tour of the Worth Street construction project with the Department of Design and Construction, they happened to mention what’s next — and there’s a lot coming down the pike over the next two and a half years. And before I start whining about it (though all of you should feel free) I am going to remind myself of Hunts Point, where I had two newspapers before this one. There nothing EVER got fixed.

Here’s the run down:

“DDC will begin work to upgrade the water mains and catch basins and reconstruct the roadway, curbs and sidewalks on Greenwich Street between Chambers Street and Barclay Street starting towards the end of the year. The project is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2024.”

“DDC will upgrade the sewers, traffic signals and street lights on West Broadway between Leonard Street to Thomas Street starting winter 2021 spring 2022. The project is anticipated to be completed in winter 2023 spring 2024.” There are not plans to do other sections of West Broadway at this time.

“DDC has restored the sidewalk and curb on Vestry Street between Hudson Street and Varick Street. After Con Edison relocates its utilities, DDC will be able to restore the roadway and cobblestones. The project is anticipated to be completed towards the end of the year.”



  1. Feel like the work at 26 Federal Plaza will intentionally never be completed for security reasons.

  2. Anyone remember a time when there wasn’t any construction? Me neither.

  3. Here’s my whine…! I don’t think anyone has a problem with construction. but the never-ending construction is intolerable. Worth street is over two years delayed (despite the powers at be claiming to only be six months behind – the recent Worth street blog was great btw). See pic in the below for the “original” end date of…May 2019!