Seen & Heard: Perelman getting its skin

F. and I had the same idea — getting shots of the new marble skin on the Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center — and these are his shots. He notes, and I have to agree: “I’m so excited about this building, but I have to admit, my initial response is it looks a bit like faux marble in a bad hotel! Or worse linoleum!” It’s designed to be translucent, and will glow at night.

Tribecan Rachel Apfel Glass is expanding her nail salon empire Glosslab and has a slew of new salons on the horizon. Coming soon: two on the Upper East Side, Noho and Midtown; Coconut Grove, South Miami and Sunset Harbor in Miami; Bethesda, MD; Dupont Circle; Westport, CT; and Hoboken.

Greca, which now has the kitchen staff from The Greek as well, has gone all vegetarian and I hear the menu is excellent. Featured are portabella gyros, gluten free pasta with jackfruit ragu, artichoke shakshuka. More info on the menu here.

Fosun PLaza at 28 Liberty will host a car show on Saturday, Oct. 16, from 9a to 1p with up to 70 sports and collector cars, including
supercars, vintage European and American vehicles, and other curiosities.



  1. Very unfortunate change for Greca. Their shawarma, burger, and fish tacos (and meatballs!) were all amazing. Hopefully they change it back soon.

  2. Fully agree about greca, I wish they didn’t go exclusively vegetarian. He could have just added vegetarian options rather than kill crowd favorites like the burger !! We used to go 1-2x weekly and now we’ve fully stopped.

  3. One more bummed party about the change to greca

  4. I encourage the folks bummed about the all-vegetarian menu to give Greca one more shot and try something new. Afterall, there was a first time you tried a burger! Maybe you’ll find a new dish you enjoy and you’ll continue to support a local business.

  5. I’m a longtime local Tribecan and a vegetarian and I’m psyched to have a new veggie restaurant!! Well done, Greca. Eating meat is, well, horrible, and it destroys the planet and I haven’t eaten meat in 30 years and somehow manage to be a foodie anyway. C’mon, people…the world is changing, and sometimes change is overdue and a good thing.

  6. I’ve been to GlossLab twice and will probably not go back. The second time I went, I had a manicure on a side tray and found it really uncomfortable. I also had to ask for the dryer at the end. However, I do wish her luck.

  7. Great news about Greca!