Christopher Marte wins City Council seat

Christopher Marte, the winner of the Democratic primary in June, has won the City Council District 1 seat, according to the unofficial results reported by the Board of Elections. With 98 percent of scanners reported, Marte had 71 percent of the vote. Soho resident Maud Maron won 14 percent running as an Independent and Republican Jacqueline Toboroff had a little less than 14 percent.

Just over 21,000 people voted, out of 125,000 registered voters in the district, leaving Marte with 15055 votes. There were 42 write-ins.

You can see the results yourself here. There were no other surprises: Eric Adams is mayor, Mark Levine is Manhattan borough president and all five ballot proposals about voting rights passed.

Hopefully I can talk to Marte again soon, but in the meantime, here is the questionnaire he answered in April before the primary.



  1. Proposals #1, #3, and #4 didn’t pass.

  2. You are incorrect. I am not sure what this state link takes you to, but the results from the city BoE are here, and all the proposals had a majority YES:

    • They’re state proposals, not city.

      I guess it’s possible the results could change if there are enough absentee ballots that still need to be counted, but 1/3/4 are all rejected as of current counts. Go check your preferred newspaper.

      • The link person posted in the original comment are NYS Board of Elections unofficial results and allow you to see vote totals by county on the ballot proposals. In NYC ballot proposal #1 was approved by a majority of voters in all counties except Richmond (Staten Island), but overwhelmingly disapproved in most other counties in the state. I didn’t check #3 and #4, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to guess the pattern was the same there.

      • Pam doesn’t have to check any newspaper, she posted the BoE results – BoE is the only info source that matters.

  3. “The measures — Question 3 and Question 4 — were backed by a plurality of voters in New York City, though at least 200,000 in the five boroughs left that part of their ballot empty.

    “However, the provisions were staunchly opposed in many upstate counties — including in Erie County, home of the heavily Democratic city of Buffalo. Neither measure had more than 40 percent of the vote.

    “A third measure — Question 1 — would have removed partisan requirements insuring that new district maps must receive some support from at least one member of the minority party in Albany, i.e. the Republicans. It, too, appeared headed for defeat with just 39 percent saying yes.”

  4. I voted for Marte, he assured me he would ban the incredibly cruel use of carriage horses in NYC. I hope he keeps his word.

  5. marte doesnt really know what or how affordable housing is financed. his take on the soho rezone was very simplistic and election politics oriented. Talking points are not enough. Soho can be done right but he and the opposition have created such distractions with misinformation.

    • The SoHo plan was classic luxury housing with table scraps affordable housing like Dey Street i.e. BS.

      But you keep shilling for the SoHo plan as one for affordable housing when it’s not, it’s a classic landgrab.


  7. Congratulations!!! I’m sure you will do a great job.