Happy Monday! Citi Bike gets a flower flash

N. sent an early morning email: “Hudson and Reade right now.”

UPDATE I’ve sent some feelers out to see if this is Lewis Miller and his team just doing one of their spectacular Flower Flashes, or if this is a sponsored flash for Citi Bike. Still awaiting word. Turns out it was commissioned by Citi, to celebrate the opening of its new branch on Greenwich (H. was onto them) and executed by Soho Experiential. (I am still upset with myself for not buying one of the prints of the Lewis Miller flower flash at the Liquor Store this past February. They sell out quick!)

Also so curious to see if someone pedals off with the bike.

So far not a flower has been touched in the two and a half hours since N. first spotted it.



  1. Gorgeous flower flash.

  2. so beautiful. We need some happiness now.

  3. Phew, saw that this morning and was afraid it was because someone had died. Thanks for sharing

  4. They have something even bigger in front of the Citi HQ on Greenwich too.

  5. After coming 1 step away from being run over by people (not human beings) 4 times in the last 2 weeks, who ride Citibikes and other bikes at speeds that are reckless and dangerous to anybody walking (even if you’re crossing the street with the light, they don’t care), that’s the best use for the Citibike. These morons zoom around corners and go through red lights and there’s no way to hold them accountable if you get hurt or God forbid, die from your injuries! Enough is enough with these people who don’t pay a dime (unlike drivers who have to be licensed and insured) to this city to ride its roads.

  6. And the berry next day someone had taken it apart and the bike away! Flowers look in disarray, sadly.

  7. how about citibank use their energy to make a break in the line of bikes on this street that blocks pedestrians from the footpath and overpass bridge direct route. this is offensive to people living in the neighborhood.