2021 Shop-Local Gift Guide: Unique among the unique

This neighborhood has a few shops that are not only one-of-a-kind in the city, but in the region. You can shop your whole list within steps of your door. Plus scroll down for a list of local framers, to gift something truly personal.

57 Warren St | West Broadway and Church)
I could do all my shopping at Korin, and in past years I have.
••• Even if you choice brew is Lipton, let it steep in a beautiful teapot. $29
••• A rice pot pretty enough to leave on the stove. $70


58 Warren | West Broadway and Church
The independent bookstore is a rare find. Celebrate it.
••• Turns out it’s murder season. Crimes for Christmas, $15-18
••• They let me go up the ladder myself to check out the Louise Penny collection. Even if you don’t love mysteries, you will love Inspector Gamache. Get a few of the firsts plus her newest — co-authored with superfan Hillary Clinton.


253 Church at Leonard and Franklin
The pitstop for chefs and construction workers, there’s always something fun for civilians in this place.
••• This is just the right amount of quirky, and made in-house: $20
••• For your green thumbed friends, the Brooklyn-made chore coat, kimono style. (Get the pockets embroidered on Etsy.) $65

1 Centre at Chambers
The official gift shop for NYC, city agency logos are printed on everything from socks to hoodies to mugs.
••• This is a real stop light glass, sold as a serving platter. Guess what: it comes in two other colors. $25
••• Tribeca Josh Bach has ties for downtowners who love NYC.

10 Warren | Broadway and Church
In it’s 75th year, the shop has every kind of pen imaginable, some at prices that go well into the quadruple digits.
••• Esterbrook has been making pens since the 1940s. You can spend just about any amount, but these start at $148
••• The vintage pens are only in Tribeca. $125 – $500


452 Broadway | Howard & Grand
The one honorary Soho mention on this list: the famed Chinese emporium just moved during the pandemic from Walker to one block north of Canal.
••• I am not sure why I was so taken by these Bruce Lee figurines… $9.50
••• Introduce your gang to mah-jongg. $63


177 Franklin | Greenwich and Hudson
Based in Detroit, the watchmaker always has the craftiest gifts.
••• The shearling purse also comes in black and straight-up leather. $525
••• Only Shinola would think to repurpose the steel from an American Airline plane into a desktop clock. $395.


217 W. Broadway | White and Franklin
Tribecan Andy Scheman is the third generation owner of our last remaining hardware store — and he has great gifts for the practical sorts.
••• No joke, you will get major points for having a shop vac under the tree. Go for the apartment sized one…


186 Franklin | Greenwich and Hudson
The freshcut, freeze dried roses last for at least a year and can be custom ordered.
••• The wooden dream mini half-ball has 25 to 27 blooms and comes in every color. $299


122 Chambers | West Broadway & Church
A Tribeca stalwart, the poster museum has thousands of vintage wall art, but also smaller printed collectibles.
••• For the serious Mets fan in your life, official score books from days of yore. $15
••• LIFE, from the year your fave was born. $20


177 West Broadway | Worth and Leonard
This is our only store left dedicated to the fur babies and it is well stocked with treats.
••• Let your pup join the party with these squeakers in all sorts of bad habits. $17.
••• I just installed this catnip-infused self-groomer on the corner of a cabinet. It’s not pretty, but it’s a hit. $11.


211 W. Broadway inside Maman
A pitstop for all things paper, plus lots of gifts.
••• Vintage puzzles in great packaging. $25
••• The felt pompom tree topper will need some special wiring, but it’s classic. $17


For my anniversary last year I framed a piece of art that my daughter did when she was 3; she is now 15 so that piece of paper had been rattling around here for all those years. I am thrilled I finally did it. So use the holidays as an excuse to bring something beautiful out of storage. Here’s a list of our local framers:

L & O Framers
Founded more than 30 years ago at 140 Duane

Gill & Lagodich
Fine period framing with antique frames and reproductions

Steven Amedee
Custom picture framing and design services

GK Framing
Fine art framing + Reflectel mirrors that hide TVs

Trilogy Photo
Custom framing services and ready-made frames.

Cloud Gallery
A variety of framing from art to acrylic mounts

ROOQ Tribeca
Custom framing, including same-day services


For the kids
For the home
Threads for gals
Threads for guys
Unique among the unique



  1. Been going to Fountain Pen Hospital for over 20 years. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get a beautiful pen. Their holiday sales are worth the trip, their Back Room pens are beautiful and the people that work there are friendly, helpful and make great suggestions for whatever your budget is.

  2. Yes please support local stores and restaurants to ensure they survive. Gift cards to restaurants you like also helps.