Seen & Heard: The return of the groundhog

The Friends of Duane Park will hold their annual Groundhog Day celebration on Wednesday, Feb. 2, from 4 to 6. There will be the carving of the groundhog out of ice and seasonal refreshments thanks to Duane Park Patisserie and Tribeca Wine Merchants. Check out the park’s new website here.

J. has it on good sources that Parm is indeed coming back. It sure doesn’t look it! But it would be nice to have that long storefront at Brookfield filled again.

I have been a bit obsessed with Finn Square lately and how its sidewalks are a wreck and have to be the first step in improving the garden there. The Friends of Finn Square have put a request in to Chris Marte’s office as part of the participatory budgeting process. Endorse it here if you feel the way I do. (You have to create an account first, but you can do that here.) Voting will take place starting April 1.

The 2022 Community Board application is now open through Tuesday, March 1, at 5p. If you have ever wanted to get involved in the workings of city government, this is a good way to do it. The borough president makes all the appointments, but the councilmember recommends half the appointments. Community Boards consider a wide range of issues, including distribution of liquor licenses, consideration of sidewalk café applications, and permits for street fairs and other outdoor events. They may also weigh in issues before the Landmarks Preservation Commission, the Board of Standards and Appeals (the city agency dedicated to land-use and zoning regulation), and provide input on proposals from city agencies.



  1. I saw a lot of construction this morning at Parm. I thought maybe they were just removing more fixtures, but glad to hear they could be returning!!

  2. Thank you for your continued support of Finn Square! We really appreciate it. The other thing that is recommended to get the very uneven sidewalk fixed is to report it to 311.

  3. Thank you for getting the word out Pam!

    There are several local parks participating in the participatory budgeting process:

    Here are the links – please endorse!
    Duane Park Restoration Project:

    Finn Square Improvements:

    City Hall Park – Safety Beauty and Access: