Old Kid on the Block: New Amsterdam Library

Since the library reopened in July, after many delays (it was closed for three years), I had not gotten the chance to walk in. It’s really lovely in there, and made me realize that I have been squandering a great neighborhood resource.

There are of course lots of books, but also great spots to work if you need a break from the home office. The high tops in the back allow you to face no one and have some privacy; there are regular tables in the main part of the room. It is bright and airy since they removed the drop ceiling and exposed the vaulted brick above. And there are eight computers and a cluster of arm chairs for reading.

Librarian Brian Stokes hopes to start up some new events soon (covid has been keeping them back) but in the meantime stop by and say hi — or kill a couple hours with the little kids in the carpeted reading nook.

New Amsterdam Library
9 Murray | Broadway and Church
Monday to Thursday: 10a to 7p
Friday and Saturday: 10a to 5p

[And while we are at it…]

Battery Park City Library
175 North End Ave. at Murray
Monday 10a to 6p
Tuesday 11a to 7p
Wednesday 10a to 6p
Thursday 11a to 7p
Friday & Saturday 10a to 5p