Greenwich Street reconstruction project has begun

Work has begun on the Greenwich Street reconstruction project (same idea as Worth and Vestry — see what’s going on underground here). And it will be going for another five years.

The Department of Design and Construction is working on the first stage from Barclay to Murray — the northeast corner catch basin is being put in right now.

As a result, Greenwich will be down to one traffic lane on the westside for “quite some time,” which in DDC language means two years. (I couldn’t help but smile when CB1 Quality of Life chair Pat Moore said, as nicely as possible, “Could you be a little specific on ‘quite some time’?”)

The estimated completion date is May 2024 for Barclay to Murray to be fully paved and handed over. “If we encounter any problems we will send updates,” the DDC folks said. “There are hundreds of ducts in the way of what we need to do.” Then they will start on the next two-block stretch leading to Chambers.

And they are syncing with the BNY Mellon, which is recrafting the sidewalks on Greenwich and Murray simultaneously. More on that soon.



  1. “they are syncing with the BNY Mellon, which is recrafting the sidewalks on Greenwich and Murray simultaneously”

    Always suspicious when BNY mellon is involved. Literally the worst corporate neighbors in Tribeca. They put up barriers for the cutout walkway from the citibike terminal to Barclay. Wouldn’t that walkway attached to DC37 technically belong to DC37?

    • If you mean that driveway to the west of their building, I am pretty sure that is their property, since it came up when they presented the design for the plaza. See more here:

      • Eirk did article(s) on POPS, and one or more on this specific one.

        They’re so nasty that if you went to take a photograph of the signage on the outer door, because you were barred from entering the public space, their security people came out to intimidate you. They are outrageous.

        Maybe they should give back whatever parts of their building they were granted in exchange for the POPS, which they effectively eliminated years ago by barring all access.

        No one should trust them.

      • Not the driveway, there is a walkway to the west of this driveway with a curb attached to dc37. In the blueprints on your link there are trees in one of the pictures. Maybe it is BNY’s property up to the milimeter of DC37 wall, but was always an easy cut through for citibikes

  2. I was just wondering what was going on here last night. And now I know…

  3. Good news re BNY. Hopefully they do a substantial overhaul and add much more greenery to that area. It’s sorely lacking in comparison to the rest of Greenwich and Citi puts them to shame.

  4. I’ve never gotten a straight answer on how many lanes Greenwich St is supposed to have. Feels like north of Chambers, it’s an interpretive dance of 1, 2 and 3 lanes of cars.