New Kid on the Block: Sagra Pizza Bar

What’s more to say than this is such a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Those with better skills than me can elaborate on the vibe at the new Sagra Pizza Bar — put a finger on it and maybe even articulate how one creates it. I just know it when I see it.

Sagra is a production of the folks who own Terra across the street, and this is their third edition of the pizza bar concept. During the pandemic they opened in Miami and then in November 2021 opened a second on Carmine Street. They had closed Attraversa during the pandemic, but the landlord there encouraged them to come back. Smart.

There are some tweaks to the interior from the Attraversa days, but the layout is the same — with lots of exposed wood and brick and now a subway tile bar. The lighting is perfect, the music is current but not raucous and the staff is really lovely. They just really know what they’re doing. Plus the pricing is right in the sweet spot for table service and charm.

There were three of us women and we ordered the salsiccia rapini pizza, the pecorino and kale salad, the grilled half chicken and a trio of the nodi. There was a lot to take home for lunch the next day. My photos did not do the food justice, so adding an Instagram shot to give the pizza its due.

Sagra Pizza Bar
225 West Broadway
Hours are not yet listed, so assume 5 to 11 for now. Will update when I have a chance to walk in and ask.


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  1. Went about a week ago. Very solid food and portions at great prices. Yet another nice addition to the neighborhood.

  2. Great to see new restaurants popping up. Let’s hope the quality of the food and staff remain great throughout the spring/summer

    • Why would it not?

      • Restaurant quality often goes down as the masses become aware of new places. Went recently and the food could use a bit more higher quality ingredients and better attention to warmth of food prior to being brought out to customers, though the current prices are good for semi-average Italian in Tribeca.

  3. Do they have well ventilated, outdoor seating, for those of us unwilling to eat indoors? Heating?

    It would be great if reviews would include descriptions of their outdoor dining set ups for cautious and/or high-risk folks.

    • Had two small outdoor tables that were clearly an after thought which is fine for now given that it’s cold out (no heaters). Wonder if they will have more fleshed out seating as temps rise given the large sidewalk areas in that area (near Odeon).

    • If you look in the first picture there’s a small outdoor table, but do you really expect a new business to invest heavily in heated sheds that 95% percent of people don’t want? Most outdoor setups have been empty for months as people are fine indoors.

    • re:A Hopefully in upcoming warmer months, there will be outdoor seating offerings.

  4. Ordered a couple of pizzas last night….quick delivery and delicious!