Farm.One has closed

Farm.One, the neighborhood’s only indoor hydroponic farm, closed its operation on White Street. They had tried to crowd-source a financial solution during covid to keep the business open, but could not pull it off.

“Unfortunately, we’re closing down the farm,” said founder Robert Laing when I wrote recently. “We have a new backer for the business but we will only be operating the Brooklyn farm. The company is on a bit of a hiatus until the deal is finalized. We’re sad to close our Tribeca location which has had a huge amount of support from the local community, for which we are very thankful.”

They hope to donate equipment from the site to Teens for Food Justice, NY Sun Works, and Collective Food Works — non-profits that bring hydroponics to kids’ classrooms and fresh food to the food insecure in the city.

The farm started as a resource for chefs and bartenders around the city, who used the business’ beautiful microgreens as garnish. During covid, they attempted to pivot by delivering fresh greens door to door by bike or subway. But it wasn’t enough.

They will bring back their weekly subscriptions — greens, smoothies, mushrooms — once they are back running in Brooklyn.


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  1. Too bad. There greens were very good and the local aspect was nice. We originally found out about them on TC. Look forward to their restart.