Sneak Peek: Argo coming soon to Duane and Staple

I had forgotten about the liquor license granted to a new restaurant for the former Max/Gato Nero/Serenata space, and now it’s here: Argo, a Mediterranean bistro that should be open in a week or a little more.

The owners, Nikolas Ntatidis and Roudolf Kalaitchev, were inside with their team last night getting things ready and it already looks very cute (they were very nice to let me take pictures considering it is not fully set up). There are 31 seats, 15 tables, four seats at the bar and a little mezzanine in the back.

During the CB1 hearing, they were described as a Greek restaurant but I was corrected when I stopped by (we were on our way to Ajisai but they were closed). The menu will be Mediterranean — not Greek; the chef is Konstantinos Kvasilava. Ntatidis said wine will be their specialty. More TK.

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  1. Best of luck to them. Pretty sure they are aware of the multiple international award-winning film that is their namesake, and the invective that awaits them if their offering is weak:

  2. Might want to look a little further back into the history of the Argo in the Mediterranean, David…

  3. Super excited for them to open! Any updates on when it may be?