More details on Beef Bar, coming to the Nobu space

The restaurant coming to the former Nobu space at 105 Hudson and Franklin will be an iteration of Beef Bar, the “born in Monte Carlo” franchised chain of restaurants that has almost three dozen locations across the globe. But there is a local connection: It turns out the franchisees, Tribeca Hospitality Group, are Tribecans: Aqib Rahman and his brother Tareef Rahman live on Chambers; their parents, Mahween and AJ Rahman, live on Beach.

The space is 3500 square feet, and they will have it arranged with 103 seats in the dining room, 21 in a private room, then another 35 seats at tables in the bar area with 18 seats at the bar.

The operators describe it as a “meat-focused restaurant that is not a steakhouse but specializes in steak.” The menu below is on the website but was also presented at the April CB1 meeting, so I assume it will be something close to that.

There will be a DJ to “base the music on the vibe,” but mostly as background music, and they will consider creating a curbside area with DOT Open Restaurants, though because so much of that is in flux right now, the plan was unclear.

The applicants asked for 2a for seven days a week but the committee stuck to its usual requirement: 10p on Sundays, midnight on weekdays and 1p on Friday and Saturday. (They also asked for a carve out on Sundays when there’s a holiday on Monday, but the committee did not go for it.)

They said the landlord (which is the coop itself) has been very strict and they will soundproof everything. “It’s not a club — there is not going to be any deep bass.”



  1. Are these menu prices is Yen? A bit stiff, even for Tribeca in 2022.

    • Was thinking the same…

      • Ah, got it. I thought you all were joking. I just uploaded the menus from the presentation — assuming those are in dollars, but can’t be sure. However they are just screen shots from Zoom, so a bit blurry.

    • Truly laughable. While we’re all aware Wagyu/Kobe beef are pricey, these are beyond the pale. And $245 for an angus 7 oz filet?…$80 for avocado houmous? Ridiculous prices like these ensure it will be frequented solely by a handful of expense accounts—even wealthy Tribecans have grown weary of being gouged due to their zip code.

  2. Maybe for group dining? No way a kale salad can be $95. Must not be in US $$

  3. I believe these prices are not in US $

  4. Will they accept monopoly money? Just what we need in Tribeca –another overpriced “steakhouse” appealing to hedge fund yuppies and expense account types guzzling Cristal like it’s Snapple.
    With the skyrocketing rents they’re asking for retail space in Tribeca we’re not going to get “family oriented” places offering food at reasonable prices.

  5. I think this sample menu is from their Dubai restaurant and the Dirham is .27 to 1 – US dollar.

  6. “Beef Bar”? Is the Bloody Mary made with real blood?

    No, thank you.

  7. Terrific to see a new restaurant/business come in and one into this iconic building. I live on the block and currently two of the four corners – Hudson/Franklin intersection – are vacant and Hudson Market closes this week (terrible news, Javier thank you and we will miss you). New places take investment and time and need supporting – look how “Noted” evolved and slowly found its feet or how Bubby’s has again reinvented itself post pandemic. I welcome them and wish them all the very best.

    PS re prices lets all calm down on what the price of a kale salad is (only in Tribeca can this be a real comment) and wait and see what actually happens. If things get really bad we can all go up to the, also newly announced and also already much maligned in this publications comments (ironically for being too cheap, can you please anyone ?), KFC on Canal Street….. for a group bargain bucket.

  8. The weight of the meat is in kg and m so prices def not US..

    Also someone already said the menu was from Dubai.

  9. I was in Paris two weeks ago and went to the one there. It was just okay. The steaks were good, but not special. I will say their mashed potatoes and frites are quite good. I can think of a dozen other steakhouses that I’d rather go to in the city.