Mena in the Walker Hotel will close this weekend

This is a classic “snooze you lose” situation for me, since my reservations at Mena were for next week. And it’s a sad story. The chef — Victoria Blamey — announced on Instagram that the restaurant will close this Saturday, July 9. Thanks to B. for the heads up. The restaurant opened on Jan. 28.

“I have some incredible painful news to share,” the chef wrote. “Mena will be closing its doors this weekend. This was an ownership decision…Mena has been my everything, my hopes dreams, my family history and the sweat of 20 years in this industry. At Mena I created a place to express my sense of self, my South American heritage, my voice. This business has always been a tough one and it rises and falls based on the people involved at every link in the chain.”

My understanding is the owners are Dream Logic Hospitality, which the Walker Hotel engaged to run the restaurant space as well as the subterranean bar, Saint Tuesday, and the rooftop bar, Happy Be. When I met the manager at Saint Tuesday, he filled me in on the plans for Mena long before I knew it was going to be Victoria Blamey. But there is no digital footprint that I can find for the company so I’ve sent a couple feelers out through other means. (This is not to be confused with Dream Hospitality, which runs a bunch of party venues around the city and Long Island.)

Blamey promised to reopen Mena, which got nothing but raves in its short stint, and thanked her staff. “All these people showed up every day and made the restaurant really sing. They gave Mena their all, and we were rewarded with wonderful guests and regulars, glowing reviews and recognitions that made Mena’s vision feel so seen and understood.

“I choose to look at Mena for what it will be. Because I am dedicated to bringing Mena back. Full once again of love and beauty and people fully committed to sharing in that vision with me.”


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  1. This is really a shame – following Pete Wells stellar review I thought for sure they would survive. You can find more details in the Grub Street article:

    “The decision to close, Blamey says, was not hers to make. The chef and a rep for the restaurant state that the choice lies with ownership, a group that did not involve Blamey. (Peter Yeung, the managing director for the Walker Hotel, attributes the closing to “financial reasons.”) While Blamey won’t discuss the specific circumstances surrounding the closing, she notes that she is hardly finished with cooking.”

    She answers a few interview questions in the article

  2. Such a shame. It was the best and most interesting restaurant in the neighbourhood, in my opinion. Hope it reopens in a new location before too long.