The city is targeting unused dining sheds for removal

The city is (supposedly) cracking down on unused dining sheds and/or those with a lot of violations as a way to hasten the path to a permanent outdoor dining ecosystem — and to do that the mayor announced he wants to demolish abandoned sheds ASAP. So I thought we could use comments here to make a list.

For example, I know for sure that the Town Stages platform has never been used and the company has left the premises. And Twiggy’s shed should be removed now that the business (sadly) is gone.

What else?

The mayor has created a multi-agency task force that will investigate abandoned sheds and review complaints and summons data. Sheds verified as abandoned two separate times will get a termination letter, followed by removal and disposal of the shed.

The task force will also review active sheds that violate the guidelines. These sheds will be inspected three times, and if corrections are not made, DOT will issue a termination letter, wait 48 hours, and remove the structure.

Residents should report sheds by calling 311, say “Open Restaurants” or “outdoor dining,” and share the location so the task force can review it. You can also submit photos to 311 via text (311-692) or the 311 website.

The future of curbside dining is assured by a decision of the City Council in late February, but the idea is it would look very different — mostly with a lot less structure — in other words, no sheds. City agencies that have to move around them (Sanitation, DOT) want them to be easily movable and removable so they can be disassembled for weather, for emergencies, for access to municipal uses like manhole covers and electric. Think planters, tables and umbrellas, rather than walls and roofs. (See rendering below.)

The new program will also try to reflect lessons learned from the past couple years of outdoor dining, giving consideration to ADA accessibility, sanitation, noise pollution, pedestrian safety, RATS — we all know the issues by now.



  1. 1) Black and white low walls outside Pain Quotidien, corner Warren / W broadway – unused
    2) segmented area outside JR Sushi, same location, 2 benck tables used as a delivery bike hangout.

    • So – I am confused. I finally got round to reporting the hip-height low walled area outside Pain Quotidian this week that is nothing but a rat trap with dead plants.

      It was very quickly inspected by DOT and they have closed the request stating “The DOT inspected the condition and determined that it is in compliance with its standards”

  2. Good news, thanks for the update. This is at least a start?
    I guess we can start from one of Anejo’s sheds on Walker, (they have much expansive ones on Church), Belle Rêve on Church, shed as well as illegally built permanent extension on the side of the building.( good luck with that one) .Some never used ones on Church/ Canal.

  3. How are they ever going to clean the streets?

    Do you happen to know if that will that become the responsibility of the restaurant?

  4. Shed at Tre Sorelle…61 Reade street (unused)…it smells horrible and is a hangout for food delivery folks and homeless shelter.