Nosy Neighbor: What’s going on at Hudson Market?

M. wrote to ask: “What’s going into Hudson Market?” (aka Jin Market, aka 111 Hudson at N. Moore)

The answer so far, according to the Department of Buildings permits: an interior lobby renovation and storefront replacement, with no change in use, egress or occupancy. There’s been no application for a liquor license yet either.

But since I last wrote about the closing of the market, the space — an 8400-square-foot retail condo — has been taken permanently off the market. (There are nine residences upstairs.) The unit was first listed in December 2021 for $9.25 million, then reduced to $8 million this past June and taken off market at the end of August.

Scrolling through the city’s property records, it seems the board of managers of the condo put a lien on the retail condo owner at least twice, in 2014 for nonpayment of charges, and in February 2021 for $155K in unpaid assessments. The building was condoed up in 2008, and at that time the store was sold for just over $1 million. The building itself was built in 1910.

The DOB permit includes replacing the concrete floor slab and steel beams, replacing the columns at the sidewalk level, adding a new steel hatch in the sidewalk and repairing the fire escapes (though I don’t know where those are!).