Seen & Heard: Bubby’s pancakes and chicken: “It’s a blessing” — John Legend

Someway, somehow, Bubby’s chicken and pancakes became the prime topic of conversation between John Legend and Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show, with Legend calling the combo “a blessing” and Fallon, originally in the chicken and waffles camp, coming around to say, “He’s right, that’s unbelievable. The Roots agreed, and noted that there’s now a Bubby’s at LaGuardia. The whole interview is charming, but start at 1:20 if you are only interested in pancakes.

The Hotel Barriere at 456 Greenwich now has an opening date of Sept. 29. There will be three restaurants: Brasserie Fouquet’s New York, with Michelin-starred chef Pierre Gagnaire (escargots, sole meunière, cheeseburgers, fish and chips, and their signature mille-feuille dessert); Par Ici Cafe, which has a French vegetarian menu; and Titsou Bar, named for the nickname given to Lucien Barriere by his daughter.

The next Tribeca Gallery Walk is scheduled for Sept. 29 from 6 to 8p. There are about 50 local galleries participating. See more info here.

The next time you are biking south to Tribeca, check out the new four-block mural on the loading dock gates of UPS on Greenwich, starting just south of Houston and going to Spring. Volunteers painted all 34 gates, 11,000 square feet of them, in a joint project with Trinity Wall Street, the Hudson Square BID and UPS. It’s called ”Fractured Spectrum: Colors in Motion” and was organized by Publicolor, whose mission is to engage New York City students across all five boroughs at risk of dropping out and provide them with programs and resources for academic and career success.



  1. The UPS doors on Greenwich are beautiful. How about continuing the Greenwich bike lanes north of Canal into Tribeca past the new hotel all the way down to Barclay St?

    • Wholeheartedly agree; given how little traffic there is on Greenwich in TriBeCa most of the time, that street should be reconfigured as a single lane for traffic (w another lane for delivery/drop off), w remainder of the unnecessarily wide vehicle lanes instead dedicated to purposeful pedestrian, bike and retail uses.

      Would also serve to slow down some of the auto speeders on that particular stretch.

    • I thought the UPS doors looked chintzy, but to each their own. As for the bike lane, it runs the opposite direction and I’m not really sure the need for it along Greenwhich. Maybe from south of Hubert otherwise its cobbles anyway.

      • Chintzy? Give it a month or two and it will be getting its NY grit of dirty, vandal and a general working over. I love them!! Public art can just be fun sometimes!

  2. I like the painted doors. At least it’s quite an improvement over the usual ugly graffiti-vandalized look that covers most such doors.

  3. On the UPS building: did they paint over the surreal Peanuts paintings?