The Walker Hotel has a new restaurant coming online

The hospitality company that manages the spaces at the Walker Hotel, Dream Logic Hospitality, has lined up a new restaurant concept for the ground floor: Mostrador, from Argentinian chef Fernando Trocca. (Owners April and Dan Giddings filled me in.) His approach: laid-back asado (roasted meats) cooking showcasing fresh seasonal produce, Mediterranean-style salads, grilled vegetables.

The original Mostrador restaurant is in the upscale beach town of José Ignacio, Uruguay; number two is in Buenos Aires; and the third is part of the Montauk boutique hotel Marram Mostrador. Trocca and restauranteur Martin Pittaluga also have three other restaurants in José Ignacio: La Huella, La Caracola, and Mostrador Santa Teresita.

They are open now for breakfast, and hope to have dinner going in a week or two.

You may recall that this space was originally Mena, created by chef Victoria Blamey in January. It won rave reviews from everyone, and then shut down in July. “Believe me, we tried everything to not close,” April Giddings said. “We are big fans of Victoria Blamey. She is a singular talent. She is actually hoping to reopen Mena in a new location with other partners, but there’s not a timeline yet.”

The beautiful space is intact — it was designed before Mena took it over by Cycle Projects, which did the rest of the hotel along with Think Coffee up the street and Lilia in Brooklyn.