Nosy Neighbor: Any news on the Chambers Street resurfacing project?

A. wrote: “They tore up Chambers Street a week or so ago and it’s an absolute mess for cyclists, strollers, cars etc.”

And yes, my first thought was deja vu all over again. It seems like just yesterday that Chambers was ripped up, but that project was completed in 2015! Luckily this is not another five-year project. The roadway milling started around Halloween and is now scheduled for resurfacing on Monday, Nov. 14. The resurfacing should take approximately two nights to complete.



  1. Any idea when we’ll be able to walk on the south side of Worth btwn. Broadway and Lafayette? Super annoying there’s no construction lane for pedestrians (or bikes).

  2. That stretch of Chambers is such a missed opportunity; imagine the addition of substantial street trees and planters (perhaps within a median), protected bike lanes, benches, etc., to turn what is currently a traffic sewer into a multi-modal pedestrian-friendly gateway into the TriBeCa area.

    There are already wide sidewalks and some lovely historic buildings along Chambers, but not surprised to see them remain decrepit/undeveloped (and much of the retail empty or underutilized) given the current auto-centric configuration and lack of greenery/texture.

    • Great idea. Could do that easily by eliminating the parking on both sides and leaving it for deliveries only…

    • There are vaults that extend far under the sidewalks and some even under the roadway in that section of Chambers Street pictured. Not really suitable for in-ground tree pits.

      • There’s room for creativity, including above-ground planters (similar to those recently installed outside 270 Broadway / 80 Chambers), as well as above-ground center-road medians with street trees (similar to Houston or West Street).

  3. Just pave the street. It’s a main east-west artery.