Chela Tribeca closed on December 23

If Instagram can be trusted, Chela Tribeca — the Mexican restaurant that opened in June in the former Distilled space on West Broadway and Franklin — closed on Dec. 23. I sent a note, but I certainly understand why no one has written back to explain further.

The location was the second Chela for restauranteur Ronny Jaramillo, who has one in Park Slope along with several other bars around the city; over the years he’s had 18 restaurants or bars. (You may recall that he also foiled a subway rider who was violently brandishing a knife on one of his commutes to set up the space last April.)

I’m sorry he couldn’t keep it open — it’s a beautiful space and had a lot of potential and Ronny seemed like an excellent neighbor to have.


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  1. Very sad to hear, they were a great addition to the neighborhood. Wishing Ronny the best, and hoping that the spot doesn’t stay vacant for long.

  2. Shocked (not shocked) that yet another restaurant in this space with filthy broken sidewalks surrounding it once again failed to attract foot traffic.

  3. We ate there on its last night and had a delicious meal. So sad for them to leave the neighborhood because their food was always fresh and great. They said they had issues with the landlord.

  4. How did they lose their lease? When a lease is signed there really aren’t many ways either side can terminate unless something extremely egregious happens. Curious what’s behind all this.

  5. I never write bad reviews, but now that it is closed… was awful. The food wasn’t good, at all. There are really good Mexican food choices close, Fonda, Anejo, Casa Carmen, los Tacos, even El Vez is better. You can’t have bad food and compete. I am sorry, the owner is a nice guy. I think the worker shortage is somewhat responsible for the bad food and service.

  6. One of a long line of restaurants there in recent years. Why does that corner appear to be such a jinx?

  7. Interesting thought & probably right! Solution: bring the entrance door down to street level and let the steps be inside!