L’Angolo Tribeca has closed

L’Angolo Tribeca, the Italian restaurant that for the past five years occupied perhaps one of the most beautiful corners in the neighborhood on Duane and Greenwich, has closed permanently as of Dec. 31. (Thanks to R. for the heads up — she and her family were able to catch the last meal there on New Year’s Eve.)

“Unfortunately we couldn’t come to an agreement with the landlord for renewal of the lease,” the owners wrote on Instagram and on a note on the door. “We were left with no option but to close the restaurant in this location… Thank you for making L’Angolo TriBeCa Restaurant one of the city’s most warm and welcoming eating establishments in TriBeCa.”

The restaurant was opened by Tony Kavaja and Artie Hidric in the former Roc space in June 2017 — preserving much of the former layout and vibe, including the excellent loading dock seating. “I was raised in Torino, and we want that real Italian feel,” said Kavaja when they opened. “A little lighter, warmer, cozier.”

Their note added that they hope to secure a new location in the neighborhood — maybe as soon as this summer.





  1. This is a huge loss for the neighborhood. Tony, Arte and the whole staff were always warm and welcoming, and the food was always excellent. We ate there often, and had many family events there. They will be missed, but we are staying optimistic that they will find a new space soon.

  2. My wife and I dined here at least once a week (sometimes twice) for the past two years. We were devastated when we found out about the closing. This is going to be a hard place to replace…from the beautiful decor, the warm and friendly service and the fabulous food as well. When the owners reopen (hopefully sooner than later), we will be the first to make a reservation. A very sad way to begin 2023 but I’m hopeful they will open a new space soon. Thank guys for so many great memories and so many great meals.

  3. My husband and I used to live on Duane Street and were big fans of Roc, ate there all the time. We were incredibly disappointed when Roc closed. The reason according to owner Rocco — couldn’t reach an agreement with owner. As Rocco said “how much can you charge for a plate of spaghetti.” Who is this owner?

  4. We are so sorry to hear this news. We absolutely love going to.
    L’Angolo. The meals were always wonderful, and the staff was exceptional.
    Hope you find a place soon.

  5. So sorry to hear this. My partner and I loved going here. I hope they find a new place soon

  6. Have to be honest. The space was pretty but the food was less than mediocre. Really good mid-range priced Italian does not exist in our neighborhood since Sole de Capri disappeared.

  7. My thoughts are after living here 50 years I see greedy landlords driving people away and turning this wonderful neighborhood into the dark and dank empty place it was when we first got here but without the low rents. Tribeca is no longer “hot” and greedy landlords may be responsible. L’Angolo did such a great job beautifying their outdoor dining spot, too.

    • This is a case of a pretty idiosyncratic landlord foolishly turning away a good, paying tenant. I do not think that reflects the industry in general. Just like not every politician and civil servant is venal and corrupt and a sexual harrasser, just because Cuomo, Shelly Silver, Elliot Spitzer, and Dean Skelos were.

  8. L’Angolo was a great restaurant. My daughter, her grandmother and I ate there for years. The owners were always warm and welcoming. Especially the tall gentlemen. The food as well as the service were very exceptional. Side note as far as rent is concern, it’s a zero / sum game. In this case the landlord is getting zero instead some.