New Kid on the Block: L’Angolo

Carpaccio di manzo (courtesy L'Angolo)There’s a new restaurant, L’Angolo, in the former Roc space at 190A Duane, but in some ways, it still feels like Roc—the layout is the same, with those big windows and those lovely outdoor tables. Owner/operators Tony Kavaja and Artie Hidric changed just enough to make it their own. “I was raised in Torino, and we want that real Italian feel,” says Kavaja. “A little lighter, warmer, cozier.”

The chef is from Sicily, so the menu tilts toward southern Italy, but there are items from all over the country, and Kavaja promises specials from his hometown. “The food and service are very important, and we have reasonable prices, considering the neighborhood,” he says. They’ve studied the area, and their goal is “to be part of the family.”

Lunch service starts Monday and brunch next weekend (menus pictured below). Delivery will be offered once the restaurant is ready.

L’Angolo is at 190A Duane (at Greenwich); 212-625-3333;

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  1. Went last night. A little pricy but the food was much better than ROC which I always felt lacked taste in many dishes.
    Good new option

  2. We went on Friday night and thought it was very good. Nice atmosphere and authentic Italian food. A good addition to the neighborhood, and a clear step up from Roc.