The labyrinth that is now the PS 234 entrance

I had to chuckle over the superstructure that has been erected in front of PS 234 at Chambers and Greenwich. In a neighborhood full of sidewalk bridges, this has to be the ultimate. Or as T. said when he wrote to ask if I had seen it, “OMG what a contraption. It is like a parody of these green benighters.”

I’ve been whining about the sidewalk shed that’s covered the south side of the school for ages — it’s been in place with no work going on above it for five years. Maybe this is punishment for all that complaining. (Those with a better understanding of the construction trades can explain why the entire stretch of sidewalk to the curb had to be covered.)

The School Construction Authority has secured all permits and approvals for the exterior masonry work that will go on for the next year and a half. (Originally they were supposed to start last October and be finished in early 2023, so I am just extrapolating from that.)

They will then start work on the schoolyard fence. The artwork there will be removed and restored in accordance with procedures approved by Public Arts for Public Schools. The entire project is scheduled to be done in fall 2024.



  1. What is happening with Bondi Sushi? The display shelves were bare and it seemed deserted although I did get to pick up my order.

  2. So have they sold the air rights to build condos on top of PS234? Or perhaps it is there going to be a green space on top for migrating birds and butterflies? Wait maybe perhaps it’s just a big Bansky pop-up that will magically fold up into a kids backpack?

    It’s got to be something more that a sidewalk cover the feels like your walking under an elevated train, right?