Zadig & Voltaire coming to 100 Franklin

Zadig & Voltaire, the French luxury fashion line, will open a shop in the triangle brick building that is 100 Franklin (I thought it was just an ad, but it is in fact a store.) The company has five stores in the city, including their Madison Avenue flagship and a couple others downtown, including Soho and the Meatpacking.

The line was founded in 1997 by Thierry Gillier who was aiming for a “casual, rebellious vision of fashion.” “Not just for him or her, day or night, or work or leisure, the Parisian fashion house redefines modern femininity with wild, free, and rock-fueled wardrobe essentials that embody the strength and sensuality found in the rough and undone.” Since 2006, Cécilia Bönström, Gillier’s wife, has been the artistic director. (Zadig is the name of a character in a Voltaire novella, “The Book of Fate.”)

More soon if I can get in touch with the company directly.

And maybe we can even have a conversation about Barnett Newman Plaza…



  1. Yes, what ever happened to the plans to renovate Barnett Newman Plaza. I thought the folks behind the development of 100 Franklin were going to renovate it it up as part of the concessions they received to build 100 Franklin?

    • Would love to see that area improved (and require them to fulfill their obligations) and secretly wish a few lanes north of White street on Church to be repurposed to a green space.