Century 21 will reopen in April

Century 21 announced it is making a “New York City comeback,” relaunching its iconic store across from the World Trade Center this spring. Crain’s had a date: April 25.

I am awaiting more details, but they are somehow partnering with the concert venue manager Legends to run the store, or, as the Century 21 site said, “to introduce a revitalized shopping experience to Century 21’s faithful local – and global – fans.”

It sounds like much of it will be same as it ever was.

“This partnership will couple Legends omnichannel operating expertise with Century 21’s expert curation of designer brands at amazing prices, to bring fans of the iconic brand an enhanced shopping experience in-store and online,” the store said on its website. “The re-opened Cortlandt Street location will span the four main floors of the original downtown space and will offer men’s, women’s and children’s designer apparel, footwear, outerwear, handbags, accessories and fragrances.”

Legends — if I have the right Legends — was also scheduled to build out a huge concert space just south of Century at 123 Greenwich, in the former American Stock Exchange building just south of the World Trade Center.

Century 21 was started in 1961 by Al Gindi and is run by the family to this day. “Our dad built this business 60 years ago. We feel obligated to keep the legacy going,” IG Gindi, co-CEO, told Women’s Wear Daily. The store closed in fall 2020, when the company filed for bankruptcy and shut down stores across the country.



  1. Great news!

    Is the concert venue still planned, though? Not sure that makes sense in this area. Could become traffic, trash, noise, etc. nightmare.

    • Like the commentator said, I need more stability when I visit NY. I planned my life/trips around visiting C21 when I lived there and when I moved away. My family and I welcome them back and we can’t wait!!!

  2. The American Stock Exchange building was acquired in July of last year by Ron Burkle, the billionaire entrepreneur who owns Soho House (among many other things), with plans to turn the location into a 2nd NYC branch of his other membership club brand, The Ned (the first NYC Ned is located in the former Nomad Hotel space at 28th and Broadway). So, it won’t be a Legends convert venue and instead a private “members only” club. https://myemail.constantcontact.com/Ned-Gains.html?soid=1101992539878&aid=nfXaAnOYzQo

  3. Risen from the ashes is a positive spin on the pillaging of private equity spitting out the bones. Missed them.

  4. No more home goods in store?

  5. Great news,
    One the most vibrant stores in New York,
    Welcome back.

  6. What about of lots of locations in tristate New York, Pennsylvania, Florida & New Jersey

  7. I visited the Cortlandt location a few days ago and, what I found out is this: the Century 21 sign on top of the building is gone. And the reason is that that part of the store ( with marble floors and staircase in men’s department) was totally blocked off and no longer be a part of a new store. The entire space was gutted.
    I was told that the space will host a museum ( not sure what kind). All the windows were taped so it was impossible to look inside and see the progress. I hope, but I am not sure it will be ready by April 25th, as they projected.

  8. I have been a customer since 1975 and cant wait for its reopening. Glad you are back.

  9. please bring back home goods.

  10. Can’t wait!!!

  11. I am extremely happy that my favorite store is coming back. I nearly cried when i heard the store was closing. I had been a shopper there since the early 1980’s until it closed.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you

  12. Can’t wait. Been shopping here since 1980. The home goods section was amazing and it needs to be a part of the resurgence. Please bring it back. So looking forward to walking through those doors again!

  13. Any predictive dates for the opening?

    • As stated in earlier post, the tentative reopening date is April 25th, but it remains to be seen. No official announcement yet.

  14. I have been coming to NYC since 2012 and my favorite store to shop in . Will be back in the city in November and cant wait!!

  15. HOORAY!

    Missed this store so much and I am so very happy that we will have a terrific department store once again in lower Manhattan.

  16. Please ReOpen and bring back home goods.

  17. One of the joys taken away during the 2-year-confusion blob.
    So glad it will be back. Maybe it will herald a new sense of steadiness in our ny lives. Looking forward ’till April 25

  18. According to one store employee, they will reopen in May, which is just around the corner!

  19. According to another Century employee, the new reopening date is May 1st, which is one week away! 🙏

  20. So, I’ll be very curious to see if the union of Century 21 and The Legends produced a beautiful love child or an ugly bastard. In a matter of speaking, of course! My main interest will be the selection of merchandise and the prices.

  21. I had to seat the web to stumble across this article. I do hope May 1st it reopens. I feel as if there isn’t enough buzz around it which makes me very anxious. I question if it’ll reopen at all…let’s wait and see. Thanks David for being our eyes and ears!! Lol

  22. I am excited this store is coming back. My mom used to shop for us since 1969 when I was just just a child and when I got of age I shopped there until it closed. I cried like a baby. I miss Century 21cand cant wait until it comes back. I am really excited.

  23. I want to thank the person name David for keeping everyone informed. I wanted to attend the Grand Opening because they closed the one in Philadelphia. I used to go to the one in NY as well. It will be a disappointment to travel so far and it’s not the correct date

    • According to the latest information I gathered, the “soft opening”, which is not open to the public, will take place either on May 2nd or May 4th, followed by the Grand opening shortly after. So, stay tuned!