The march of the sidewalk shed at PS 234 continues

With construction starting (I hope!) on the exterior masonry of PS 234, the School Construction Authority has now added scaffolding to the interior play yard (thanks to P. for the pics), which seems impractical but I guess necessary. I assume kids will still get to use the yard? Parents can fill us in…

The shed in the yard will come out 26 feet from the wall and will be 16 feet high and poles will be placed every eight feet. Those will then be wrapped in foam. The installation should take up to two weeks.

The permits are in place for the work, which is scheduled to go on for the next year and a half. (Originally they were supposed to start last October and be finished in early 2023, so I am just extrapolating from that.) The shed on the outside now covers the entire sidewalk almost to the Greenwich Street curb.

They will then start work on the schoolyard fence. The artwork there will be removed and restored in accordance with procedures approved by Public Arts for Public Schools. The entire project is scheduled to be done in fall 2024.



  1. Good luck to all on this. The scaffolding on Brooklyn Tech has been up for 10+ years. The project to remediate actually started 5 years ago and they still say the are 1.5 years from finishing. The original project plan said the whole thing would take 2 years so I guess we should be happy that they have moved the project forward by 6 months in 5 years. All this while constantly making absurd amounts of noise late at night (they are allowed to work at night since it is a school).

    Oh, so far the School Construction Authority has spent over $40m on this project.

    For anyone who lives close to this project or has kids at this school my advice would be to try to get your politicians involved early. This won’t be pretty.

  2. There is no need to bring the congo line, I am leaving Tribeca. Bye-bye!