Neighbors organizing against roof deck bar service at Warren Street Hotel

Neighbors surrounding the Warren Street Hotel, the new Firmdale Property wrapping up construction between Greenwich and West Broadway, have started a petition to keep the hotel from serving liquor on a roof deck for hotel guests.

The petition, which has 102 signatures, asks that the hotel not receive a license for “any outdoor late night bar or restaurant space, either private or open to public, on any outdoor terrace or patio space.”

“We are local residents and taxpayers who enjoy the quiet nature of our residential neighborhood. A rooftop/terrace bar and/or restaurant with NOISY PATRONS and MUSIC will keep our children awake and disturb residents,” it continues.

The hotel’s application for a liquor license for its restaurant also included plans for room service at the hotel’s roof deck on the 12th floor, an 1100-square-foot space that has a capacity of 11. It came before CB1’s Licensing Committee last month and was approved, but then it was sent back to committee by the full board. That meeting was last night; I’ll update this later today.

The restaurant will be serving breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner in an enclosed rear yard with 150 seats: 36 tables for 100 people; 12 tables and a bar for 50 people. There are also five terraces attached to the private residences. In their presentation to the committee, the hotel said the roof deck would be exclusively for hotel guests and would not have a bar; it would close at 10p. More on all that here.

Comments on the petition included concerns about parties on the roof: “The noise from an outdoor hotel terrace/rooftop serving food and booze from 8am to 11pm will destroy the quiet of our neighborhood,” wrote Grace Flood. “Please take the rowdy bachelor parties etc to tourist neighborhoods, not appropriate in Tribeca.”



  1. Stop stifling businesses in Tribeca and making it harder for businesses to survive. This isn’t the suburbs

  2. Seems like needless NIMBYism and whining, TBH. How much noise could 11 people who are 12 stories up possibly make. A nice rooftop bar is one of the things we’re sorely missing in Tribeca. Neighbors on Warren can shove it.

  3. Agreed – how bout let them build and open their business and assessing how loud it is before complaining and trying to hurt another business?

  4. Oh FFF.

    This used to be the most exciting city in the world. No One’s fun anymore. What ever happened to the fun? New York is Over.

  5. what are wrong with you people. Move the heck out of the city if you dont like noise…this city is the wrost its been and you are taking away from busines and economy…its absurd…move out…i dont get your political views anymore on not ehloing business. woudl you rather have all these smoke shops just keep opening on every damn corner illegally? focus on the right things…getting our economy back up to spead, homeless off street, etc. A beautiful hotel should not suffer over 100 residences being anal….enough….
    why dont u not even get a liquor license and let this hotel fail and go out of business and then i wil petition to turn into a homeless shelter….you pick what you want…

  6. I hope they get a liquor license to stay open till 4 am. Maybe ill show in support.

  7. I agree with the posted comments, especially the point that the petitioners are assuming that there is going to be a noise problem before the hotel even opens. Also, is there any basis for regulating private balconies or terraces attached to hotel rooms any differently than balconies or terraces attached to residential apartments?

  8. Any idea when this hotel is slated to open? Seems like its getting close