Century 21 opening “mid spring” — aka soon

The PR folks for Century 21 said last week that the store would be opening “mid-spring,” which by my calculation gets them to about May 20 (figuring it’s midway between March 20 and June 21, the first days of spring and summer, respectively). They added, “SOON!” so maybe we can move that up a couple days thanks to the exclamation point.

In February, the store promised to open on April 25. The flagship closed in fall 2020, when the company filed for bankruptcy and shut down stores across the country.

The store is partnering with the concert venue manager Legends “to introduce a revitalized shopping experience to Century 21’s faithful local – and global – fans.”

It sounds like much of it will be same as it ever was.

“This partnership will couple Legends omnichannel operating expertise with Century 21’s expert curation of designer brands at amazing prices, to bring fans of the iconic brand an enhanced shopping experience in-store and online,” the store said on its website. “The re-opened Cortlandt Street location will span the four main floors of the original downtown space and will offer men’s, women’s and children’s designer apparel, footwear, outerwear, handbags, accessories and fragrances.”

What’s missing, as many commenters have noted, is home goods.



  1. My friend in Bay Ridge Brooklyn said the 86th Street store – between 4th and 5th Avenues – is also scheduled to reopen. Sounds like they are going back to their core stores and business.

    • It is scheduled to reopen in 2025 after several buildings are demolished and a new shopping center is built. That will include C21.

      • There is zero talk of C21 being in the new shopping mall planned for 86th.

        The old Tjmax upper floors is to be occupied by New York Presbyterian with retail (Expedition?) on ground.

        As to who will occupy the old C21 building once it’s redeveloped is unclear other than they say shops and supermarkets on 86th and 87th. No mention of C21 at all. We don’t need a C21 like Manhattan without any home goods.

  2. And I’ve heard similar rumors about their Rego Park, Queens location. I can only hope they’re true.

  3. Maybe spring 2024. walk by it everyday and every floor is gutted. I walk by it 2 times a day to walk dog and peak in…never construction crews, etc and totally down to the studs….no way they will be ready to open based on what i see. Maybe next year if they are luck and mayu have paid off our new DOB guy they put in office….

    • You’re referencing 25 Church. That is not where the store is re-opening. Century 21 will be re-opening in 22 Cortlandt, the building just to the east.

      • Exactly! That part of the building that used to be East River bank will not be a part of Century 21 anymore. That’s where all the construction takes place.

        • I’m confused about the old bank; in Google street view there looks like Century 21 signage on the bank windows. Perhaps that section will open after Cortlandt St? Anyone know for sure?

  4. Back from the dead! Bankers pillaged and sucked dry assets and left the bones. Enough calcium in those old bones to resurrect though.

  5. I am really hoping they will eventually include home goods, luggage etc…I personally feel they don’t need fragrances as they never had great discounts and there are so many on line now…but we’ll see I guess.

  6. Excellent! Wonders never cease! Now how about the reappearance of Staples and a Tribeca supermarket?

  7. They could have a great opportunity in home goods, with the planned closing of BB&Beyond a few blocks away.

    I agree that it appears much interior renovation is still needed before the store can open.

    My barometer for success: When tourists again start asking directions for C21!

  8. Can’t wait. I use to go there for just about every thing.

  9. Is Century21 reopening if so when ?????
    We live in England and visited the store for many years and we just want a definite date so we can arrange a visit.

    • That’s what I meant in my earlier comment, “My barometer for success: When tourists again start asking directions for C21!”
      Here’s one now – and he won’t need directions. Come and bring your friends. Hopefully, soon.

  10. That’s what I meant in my earlier comment, “My barometer for success: When tourists again start asking directions for C21!”
    Here’s one now – and he won’t need directions. Come and bring your friends. Hopefully, soon.

  11. this is great news!!

  12. I went to the Grand reopening of C21 store and this is my report.
    If you, like me, a big fan of the store, you’re in for a disappointment. It’s not the store I remember. First of all, it’s half the size and only 4 floors. I must admit that it looks very modern, bright and clean. Almost all staff is young people. Everybody was very friendly and helpful. Obviously, I headed to the 3rd floor to the men’s department. I was so excited and was looking forward to find treasures among the racks. I kept looking for well known international brands, especially Italian, that I always found here. But there we’re almost none. I saw a few racks of tacky Versace and overpriced Dior t shirts with loud logos, some strange looking sweatshirts by Celine at insane prices, but that was it! Most of the merchandise was some obscure random designers I never heard of, basically street style casual clothes that I wouldn’t touch. I was really shocked. As it turns out, they decided to target “younger “ consumer with upcoming designers and “fast fashion “, whatever that means. What a letdown!
    I, somehow, ended up with 3 items and not because I “had to have them”, but I felt I didn’t want to leave empty handed after standing in line for hours.
    In the men’s shoe department there were some good brands, such as Tods, Santoni, Balmain. But the prices were steep. And not every size. I ended up with a pair of Balmain sneakers ( originally $650, C21 price $350). The shoe department was a zoo. But many salespeople were ready to assist.
    The checkout was a nightmare: I guess because it was the first day and the new personnel was still trying to figure out what is what. The place was packed. My overall impression: it’s not the C21 we all loved, it a totally different experience and the merchandise is very disappointing. I doubt I will be a regular customer the way I used to be if things remain the same. I hope you get a better experience.