Another Japanese omakase coming to the neighborhood

More soon when I listen in on the CB1 meeting next week, but for now, a bit of a preview on Tsubame, which has taken one of the four storefronts at 11 Park Place, just west of the poke lunch spot.

M. happened to meet the owner as he was taking a break outside on the sidewalk, and he said he is opening in two to four weeks as a Japanese omakase restaurant. This adds to Sushi Azabu on Greenwich and Laight, Ito around the corner on Barclay, Icca two blocks up on Warren and the soon-to-open Sushi Ichimura from the folks who own L’Abeille on Greenwich and Hubert. (Am I missing anyone?)

The owner told M. prices should be in the $200 range, “which is pretty good for omakase,” M. noted, “especially in our area where most others offer it for $400+.”

A search for additional background got me only as far as the meaning of tsubame: barn swallow.




  1. The rotating Downtown Alliance ad is really annoying and makes it hard to keep your eyes concentrated on any other content on the page. I understand why they’d want several panels, but isn’t there a way to make it rotate through several times and then stop?

  2. They’re also the owner of Koyo in Astoria.