Bodega coming to West Broadway and Chambers

Demolition started today on what was Miriam at 88 West Broadway, between Chambers and Warren, for what will be a convenience store-slash-bodega. I have been told it will NOT be a smoke shop but time will tell.

The space has been turned over quite a bit since it’s heyday (IMO) as Jamba Juice. It was Just Baked! Nowakowski, which crashed and burned, then there were plans for a tavern, and then eventually Miriam — which was great, but could not hold on.

That collection of buildings, from the corner at Warren up to the former bank building on the corner at Chambers, was purchased in 2021 and the new owners kicked out all the residential tenants and some of the retail ones, so it’s curious that others would be moving in. The development company that owns the buildings, 6R, has its offices around the corner at 72 Warren.

The Commercial Observer reported in January that the buyer was the former CEO of the former Brack Capital Real Estate, which acquired five residential properties for $36.1 million — and I assume that means those five buildings, including the one around the corner on Warren. “6R Group, under the leadership of former Brack U.S. CEO Shai Shamir and co-Founder Oz Levi, launched this past November as Brack wrapped up its domestic projects. It came out of the gate betting on the multifamily market, buying the Tribeca properties — which included six retail storefronts and a parking lot — for $676 per square foot from seller Mark Jaffe, who inherited them from family, PincusCo first reported.”

I’ve tried several times to get them to fill me in but no luck.

There’s not a lot of action filed with DOB, if I am searching correctly. The last permit there was to subdivide 88 West Broadway into four condo tax lots, with ground floor and basement continuing as commercial, and the second through fourth floors as residential. The fifth, sixth and roof will also be commercial.



  1. I am living in one of these buildings and indeed have been living here since 1978. I too am awaiting additional information.

  2. and now we have another smoke shop….Jungle on Mars looking like a cross between something Disney might be proud of and a neon nightmare. Who is smoking all this weed anyways?! Shame on these landlords for pooping in their own back yard with this junk.