Trinity Boxing Club will open on Duane again

Martin Snow will open his Trinity Boxing Club on Duane and Church again, starting in July.

He will keep his current gym on Vesey as well (he’s got one in LA too). And Duane Street will be more of a community gym, focusing more on kids “but really anyone who needs it but can’t afford it,” Snow said.

“The world is in a lot of trouble these days so it’s up to New Yorkers to rise to the occasion,” he added. “As New York goes so goes the world. We did it before and we’ll do it again. Just got to teach people how to be a New York City Legend.”

Snow started teaching at Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn in the ’90s, opened his own gym on New Street in 1997; moved to Greenwich and Carlisle in 2004; got flooded by Sandy, rebuilt, but still had to move and came to Duane in 2016. The gym in LA opened in 2006, since they were training so much there.

Snow, a self-proclaimed gym rat, also comes from some incredible New York City boxing gym lineage; it’s worth reading the “legend” of his ancestors here.

“My favorite gyms weren’t the ones with the newest equipment or the greatest amenities. They were the ones with the best people – staff, support and clientele,” Snow explains on his website. “A gym is just equipment, a club is what happens when people start using it. I want you to experience what a real boxing gym looks like without experiencing what a real fat lip feels like. Learning how to box can be intimidating. Where you do it shouldn’t be.”

Trinity Boxing Club
20 Vesey | Church and Broadway AND 116 Duane | Church and Broadway
Call or text: 212-374-9393



  1. Martin is the best! So happy he’s staying on Duane.

  2. We love Martin. He was a (still is) a fixture in Duane Street. He does so much for the block. I was wondering what was going on with the gym. Can you let us know more about the kids gym portion.

  3. We are delighted to have Martin back. He’s amazing with kids, makes the whole block perk up, and keeps an eye out for all of us.