Patisserie Chanson & Chanson Le Salon have closed

Patisserie Chanson, the café and bar that opened in December 2021, replacing Maison Kayser at the corner of Harrison and Greenwich, has closed permanently. This is a real loss since that is such a prime Tribeca corner. (Thanks to LS and Matt for commenting about it.)

The website said to email them at for questions about using the restaurant space.

Nothing seemed to come easy for the restaurant, which was an offshoot of a bakery in the Flatiron and from what I understand was owned by a family business in China. They took more than a year — actually 15 months — to reconstruct the place, delivering a space that looked pretty much the same to me as Kayser just with a bar replacing a row of booths. (Chanson Le Salon opened as a cocktail bar in September 2022.)

Chanson was then closed by the Health Department this past May and did a lot of work to reopen, but they clearly could not regain their momentum.

Maison Kayser closed in September 2019 after four years there. I still call that space The Harrison, and I am still salty that it closed.




  1. Still miss The Harrison.

  2. Still miss Maison Kayser. The best baguettes and pastries (the plie chocolate, in particular) and reasonably priced considering this is Tribeca.

  3. Brand/concept never really fit here. Felt more Meatpacking than Tribeca.

    Hopefully someone else can take advantage of the space, but let it be known that they absolutely need to fix that vent. It ruins the outdoor area and causes unsettling vibrations in the dining room. I’d never eat in there again unless it were fixed. Major issue.

  4. If there is any Tribeca restaurant I miss at this particular space, it is Spartina. Please come back, Stephen Kalt!

  5. The last exe chef of the Harrison is now at Dagon. Lucky UWS for once.

    • I was always put off by that terrible gash of fake flowers on the outside. Always looked cheap and dirty to me. Unappealing. Hopefully landlord will lower the rent to get something in there that will last.

  6. Agree that this restaurant never fit. Overpriced food, gaudy decorations trying to attract an influencer crowd. They did have good bread though.

    • My issue with the place was the bright lights on the inside. Never struck me as a cozy place to have dinner. Every time I walked by I wondered why every light in the restaurant was on.

  7. And I still miss How’s Bayou!!

    • Ha ha yes, and the low key Beach House. I hope they remove the stifling excessive garlands so the space can see the light again!

  8. How’s Bayou had alligator on their menu

  9. Really not sorry to see them go. The second ugliest outside space with Zona Tribeca having the number one spot. The fan blowing onto the street was crazy and the fact that they put their restaurant tables under/near it was clueless.

  10. Wow the comments show a real lack of empathy. So glad you all miss other incarnations but a business in real time just closed. The rents are untenable and now there are a bunch of workers vulnerable and out of work. Your opinions mean absolutely nothing except to you. Yuck. Yuck and triple yuck.

  11. How’s Bayou was a godsend for parents with young children “back in the day.” No pretense. Just comfortable, welcoming, and reliable.

  12. I’m feel bad the workers may not have jobs but the other location of the place may still be open and if so maybe some workers would be employed there. The two successive managers were rude and arrogant so I’m glad they closed. Croissants and coffee were good but their food menu did not appeal to me. I did not think this place would stay open long from the beginning. Several months ago – many of the workers were let go – fired – some quit and overall they were streamlining. I suspected they were planning to close. I understand the openers in China own places all over Asia and are a large corporate entity

  13. Oh joy, Maureen is back with her comments. She swears she knows everything like she worked there. Get a hobby, and stop bothering restaurants.

  14. Still miss The Harrison.

  15. I know it’s a long time ago but bring back How’s Bayou to that space! It was wonderful! In any case I’m thinking that with the rents for storefronts in the neighborhood it’s going to be hard for any place to make a go of it.