Hoarder’s car is dismantled by Sanitation and NYPD

J. spotted the action in Battery Park City on Warren: The hoarder who was using the roof of his Toyota RAV4 to collect and store used furniture — and the subject of a recent Nosy Neighbor — was finally ticketed and then his collection dismantled by Sanitation.

“I did my walk heading west on Warren St this morning and several police cars were finishing up there, I guess protecting the Sanitation Department while they took away all the junk that was tied to the roof of that guy’s car,” J. wrote. “His collection has been dribbling onto the sidewalk as of late. Probably to his demise.”

“The junk guy was there and clearly not happy, and police clearly were necessary,” J. added.

John McIntosh has lived out of that car for a decade, and calls himself the “Parking Pirate” since he also sells his parking space he secures.

J. wasn’t kidding about the increased load. Not sure that car could still drive. In fact, my daughter sent me the pic above a couple weeks ago with the caption, “Us taking Graham and me to college.”



  1. I’m glad the department of sanitation and NYPD have finally done their job! This eyesore and nuisance has been squatting here far too long. Good riddance to rubbish!!

  2. This guy really needs some help. All that junk and his car is probably loaded with bugs and bed bugs. Not the way to live for sure. He needs to get on with his life

  3. Yay, NYC! Way to go! You tolerated this for a decade! What took ya’ so long? Nothin’ like living in the Rotten Apple!

  4. Was there a set of three, stained oak, stackable, parsons’s tables taken away? I could have used that.

  5. I nominate him for the “HOARDER OF THE YEAR AWARD” !!

  6. Maybe everyone should mind their own business and let the man be. Y’all privileged brats.

  7. It’s an art installation. A sculpture. In the heart of capitalism and excess called Tribeca.

  8. well FINALLY… well done.. enough is enough.. not only an eye sore (wrong neighborhood buddy) but also pretty dangerous to passers by and the cars parked close to it..