Parking pirate is back in action

I think this has to be my last post on this guy — he’s now gotten a lot of digital ink! — but it really is a remarkable way of life.

John McIntosh, whom we now know as the Parking Pirate, has started his collection once again on his RAV4 — N. spotted the car on Sunday on Warren in Battery Park City and sent this pic. Just last week — on August 11 — Sanitation was brought in to dismantle and dispose of the collection, while NYPD officers stood guard.

He didn’t waste time amassing more stuff for the roof, as evidenced by N.’s photo from two days ago. “OMG he’s back!” she wrote. “Same car, same MO in progress, though I didn’t see the ‘pirate.'”

McIntosh has lived out of that car for a decade, and calls himself the “Parking Pirate” since he also sells his parking space he secures.



  1. A decade??!! I’ve was always so curious about this car and who owned it! Go McIntosh! I may hit you up for that parking space 😁😎👍🏼

  2. this unstable stack of furniture is extremely dangerous for any children and dogs in the area. not sure why this man has any supporters and hope to see him out of BP soon. get your parking spots the old fashioned way people!