Peter Matera, whose family acquired significant properties in Tribeca over decades, has died

Peter Matera, whose family acquired close to a dozen buildings in the neighborhood in the 1970s through the ’90s, died on Sept. 5. He was 61 and lived Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey.

I knew Peter Matera as the previous owner of 325 Greenwich, which was recently restored by its new owner, Josh Greenberg, and has Clementine on the corner. And I knew he lived at the low-rise corner of Walker and West Broadway, the triangle building that ends at Tribeca Park. But his real estate portfolio was vast in the neighborhood, thanks to the acquisitions of his father, John, who purchased them over decades. Some of the deeds go back far enough to name the families who owned the land before the streets were cut.

John Matera died in 2009 at the age of 81, and the properties are for the most part now owned by the Matera Family Limited Partnership. They include some significant new developments: One York, the condo at Laight and Sixth; 100 Franklin, the brick building running along Sixth; 325 and 323 Church (the former Saluggi’s and the Mexican restaurant next to it), aka 31 Lispenard, which is scheduled to be a seven-story building.

A quick check of the city’s property records show the family also owns 1 Lispenard, Nancy Whiskey Pub, which has been on the corner with West Broadway since 1967; 5 Lispenard, the printer a couple doors down; 1-5 Walker, which includes Tribeca Park deli, Another Room and Tribeca Pharmacy; and 4-6 White, the L-shaped building that wraps around the historic 2 White and Eulalie.

When John Matera took the deed at 5 Lispenard in 1969, his address was listed as 119 Warren, which is the site now of 101 Warren and Whole Foods. That parcel was a parking lot in the 1980s, but if we reach back further, into the photo records of the Municipal Archives, at that time Washington Street was still mapped and 119 Warren was a 12-story masonry building. The property was given its number with that deed, and was described as south of “lot 245 upon a map of the estate formerly of Anthony Lispenard.”

Peter Matera grew up in New Jersey (his family also has properties there as well as Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens) and graduated from Pace University. His parents are both deceased, as is his brother, John P. Matera. He is survived by seven cousins.



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  1. Peter was a friend of mine, and I did business with him too, including one deal with his parents as well. He was very kind and caring. He cared about Tribeca immensely and treated people extremely well. He was loved by many. I’ll remember and miss him for the rest of my life.