Chambers Street building comes out from under wraps

It was a relief to see the close-to-completed restoration work at 121 Chambers, between West Broadway and Church, finally being revealed. The building has been under construction since 2020.

Last I tuned in — fall 2021 — it was scheduled to be a P.F. Chang’s To Go, which would take up the ground floor and basement. UPDATE: The customer service folks called me and said they had no record of that location.  That company is not easy to reach, so will update if I get a confirmation And there is work going on throughout the building: change of use from commercial to residential on the 2nd floor; rehab of the apartments on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floor.

In 2019 there were plans to add an L-shaped addition that were approved by the Landmarks Commission, but those were clearly scrapped.

The building is in the Tribeca South Historic District.

The top three floors were converted in 1992; before that the building held a fancy goods emporium, a brewery and for about a decade – a saloon. The city’s C of O from 1962 permits a sign painter on the second floor and an “eating and drinking place” on the first floor. The building is part of the Tribeca South Historic District, and for good reason. See Tom Miller’s entry for 121 here.