What does 900 feet look like?

I wanted to get a reference for other 900-foot-tall residential buildings in the neighborhood and Fidi, and there are not many. For comparison on the commercial side, One World Trade is 1776. 4 World Trade is 978. 7 World Trade Center is 741.

The proposal for the new tower for Independence Plaza has it clocking in at 940 feet, with 100 x 100-foot floors in the tower, which would be set on a wider base at the street level. Here are the heights of the other buildings on the Washington Market Urban Renewal Area in descending order:
111 Murray — 792 feet
Citi — 496 feet
101 Warren — 428 feet
Bank of New York Mellon — 361
Independence Plaza — 356 feet
200 Chambers — 301 feet

And some more residential buildings in the neighborhood and in Fidi for reference. Only 125 Greenwich, the Rafael Viñoly-designed residential tower just south of the World Trade Center, crosses the 900-foot line. (That building is 455,815 square feet and will have 243 units.)
56 Leonard — 796 feet
Woolworth Building — 792 feet
One Wall Street – 654 feet
45 Park Place (stalled out) — 667 feet
125 Greenwich (under construction still) — 912 feet
One Manhattan Square — 847 feet
8 Spruce Street — 827 feet

101 Warren and 111 Murray


101 Barclay – Bank of New York


200 Chambers

56 Leonard

125 Greenwich

45 Park Place

One Wall

Woolworth Building

One Manhattan Square

8 Spruce Street



  1. 30 Park Place is 683k SF and 926′ to the tip. That’s very close to what this will be for both height and mass.

    I think the appropriateness of the height will be determined almost entirely by the beauty of the design. The 350′ IP towers will almost certainly be less welcoming than this simply because they’re so unattractive even though they’re far smaller. Hopefully Adjmi is putting together a stunner.

  2. One certainty – there will be a ton of garbage…..

  3. By listing out more than half a dozen similarly sized towers it sounds like you’ve just made the argument this is completely appropriate in scale and context with the neighborhood. I agree!

  4. It’s despicable that this is even being discussed or is a remote possibility.