Sneak Peek: Complete Playground

Complete Playground, a non-profit indoor play space that is based on an inclusion model to accommodate all kids but especially those on the autism spectrum, has opened on two levels to start for birthday parties at 30 Broad in Fidi. It opens officially to the general public for open play on Jan. 15.

The space, 40,000 square feet just south of Wall in what was the New York Sports Club, was created by Fidi resident Alex Reznik, the owner of a local chain of fitness studios, Complete Body, which has four locations in the city. He came up with the idea after struggling to find places in the city that could accommodate all three of his children, including one of his sons who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2018.

Alex Reznik, the founder of Complete Playground, conceptualized the idea of an inclusive family center and indoor playground after struggling with finding places in New York City that easily accommodated all of his children’s needs. In 2018, one of Reznik’s three sons was For years thereafter, Reznik’s family struggled to find therapy for his son that was conveniently located, didn’t feel clinical, and wasn’t isolating for both his son with sensory issues and his other sons looking to be active during the sessions.

The space is custom designed and will eventually have structured classes for gymnastics, martial arts, ninja, yoga and dance, as well as a state-of-art sensory room, speech and occupational therapy and family seminars. The rate will eventually be $50 for two hours of play on the weekends; $40 on the weekdays.

Complete Playground
30 Broad | Exchange Place & Beaver
(212) 248-3030
Monday To Sunday, 9a to 9p




  1. I’m so happy you spelled it right (this time 😉). For the last time, everyone, it’s not “sneak peak”.

    Merry Xmas! TC. I mean TC, TC!


  2. Thank you Alex Reznik for providing such a wonderful space to a community in need. We appreciate it.