Has Tribeca Pharmacy closed permanently?

D. wrote last week to say that Tribeca Pharmacy had closed. He went over to pick up a prescription and the one person inside said the pharmacy was closed permanently; there were no plans to move the pharmacist or the client list to another location.

“He told me I had to contact each doctor and give them pharmacy updates,” D. said.

I went by at 4:45 and indeed it looks locked up; the phone rings and rings and from what I can tell, there is no online presence.

The property — 3 Walker or 23 Sixth Ave. — has been owned by the Matera family since 1974. Peter Matera, the son of John Matera who originally purchased the property, died recently in October. You can read more about the family’s properties here.

City records show that there was a 2018 tax lien on the property that was discharged in 2019, but if I am reading the records correctly, another tax lien was recently sold in February 2022. (The City sells delinquent liens to a single authorized buyer, who does not take title to the property but does purchase the right to collect the money owed plus interest and fees. Ultimately, if the property owner does not pay, the lien holder may foreclose and the building will be sold at auction.)



  1. Remember Magoos? (sp)

  2. If so that’s a shame! I wonder what will happen to this space -it’s a block away from two different subway lines so great location.

    My vote would be for a 900+ ft residential tower which includes hundreds of affordable units, but I suspect I am in the minority.

    • Lol, let’s meet in the middle and call it 90 feet.

      A 5-10 story retail/residential building in that location would be superb. Four subway lines a block away…

  3. I went in there two days ago. The first time in maybe 5 years.

    They were sparsely stocked and a I saw a mouse!

    This comes as no surprise.

  4. We need stores in this city not another residential building. Small businesses built this city not over sized residences.

    • We DO need residences very badly, just not super luxury ones, hence the request for an affordable housing component, Mire residents also give all local businesses more customers. A Win/Win.

    • Totally agree. I wish the building could just be left alone, the architecture is unique. That would never happen in this city of course. People think in square footages, not quality of life.

      • The building looks dilapidated with random air conditioners stuck on the walls and is not great for retail and foot traffic. I think we need to get over the “it’s cute” vibe to justify creating a hospital space for new residents who can afford to live in Tribeca and small businesses that want to thrive

        We need to move forward

  5. I went inside today and told they were closing soon. The pharmacy is already permanently shut- Hats off to Maria- She was certainly the greatest pharmacist in NYC. I am so very sad to see the place close.

  6. With the closure of Kings, and now Tribeca Pharmacy, it’s more important than ever to shop local. For anyone who needs to transfer prescriptions please remember Tribeca Apothecary.

  7. I miss Kings also, more than ever. CVS is fighting Walgreens for dominance. Such a brutal economy.

  8. Yeah it’s kind of annoying that there was no advanced warning or any attempt to transfer to another pharmacy. Agreed though on Maria, she’s great and I wish I knew where (if) she’s going next!

  9. Another loss for the neighborhood.

    I do recommend the pharmacy at Tribeca Apothecary. I was first sent there by my dermatologist because TA had good supply and ability to get skin creams covered by insurance. Then we switched the rest of our prescriptions when Kings closed and have been very pleased.